Vol. 03 No. 09 Sep 2010

Presidents Letter August 2010

Fall is here – at least the temperature outside today and my falling maple leaves seem to think that it is here. The calendar is at the printers and the proof should be done some time today or tomorrow. Thanks to the efforts of Sue Dipman all of the monthly advertisements were sold. The calendar should be printed and ready for sale at the Fall Festival.

We will set up our fall festival displays on Friday afternoon and take them down Sunday afternoon. We will need people to help set up, take down and man the booth. We need to make a final decision as to hours for the booth at our meeting next Thursday and sign up to man (or woman) the booth.

We have had another photo collection loaned to the society for scanning. Keep up the good work people.

The photos on the following page are from Betty Meyer. What a wonderful peek into the past of Luckey. Most of the photos in this collection and the last are not labeled. I am printing the photos and taking them to the fall festival. We need all of the help we can get identifying people. The photos are a wonderful look at the area in the past but it would also be great if we could identify more of the people, time and places. If you know of any elderly in the area who may be able to identify some of the people, time or places, just let me know. You may borrow the book of photocopies.

The town hall is now under (re)construction. The front siding has been removed to find that the windows are not hiding inside. The basic frame of the old window is still hid inside so we can see the locations and size of the original windows. The windows and framing will have to be made from scratch. There was considerable ant and water damage on the porch post to the north as we expected. Our plan was to replace the damaged posts so we are on the right track.

I received an information request from John and Jan Landwehr of Perrysburg. They had in their possession a letter written in German about Heinrich Herman Landwehr. He is a relative of the Landwehrs that live around Luckey. His name and ancestors appear on the Landwehr family tree that I did for people of Luckey. John and Jan have had their German letter transcribed into English and have sent us a copy. I will share it with you at the next meeting. John and Jan made a nice donation to the society for our efforts.

Hope to see you at the next meeting September 16th, 2010 at 6:30 in the Luckey Library and September 24, 25, and 26th at the Fall Festival.

Over and out   ———-   Sally


REMINDER – If you own photographs that are not labeled, take the time this week to sit down and get them labeled.

A great photographer took the wonderful photographs in our collection from Betty Meyer. Most photos from the early 1900’s that we find are mostly of a line of people standing in front of their home or next to their new car. The photographer(s) from this collection have taken many photos of people working or doing things around the home that were normal for that time period. I am guessing that these photos were taken around 1925. If you can identify any of the people places or times in the photos, please let me know so that I can label them.


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