I. Unknown Fahle, BP Hanover, Germany

+ Unknown Fahle, BP Hanover, Germany

Children of Unknown Fahle

shapeimage_1    William Fahle B 1851shapeimage_2Catherine Fahle B 1857

II. William Fahle B Mar 1851  BP Germany D 1926  DP OH

+ Catherine (Katherine Katie) B 1857  D 1938

Children of William & Catherine

III. John Henry Fahle   B 1875 BP Hanover, Germ.

III. John Adam Fahle  B 1877 BP Hanover, Germ.

Henry H. Fahle 1878-#19A1F2 copyphoto Henry H. Fahle

III. Henry H. Fahle  B 12 Apr 1878 BP Hanover, Germ. D 6 Aug 1967 DP Toledo, Lucas, OH (resid of Luckey, OH)

+ Emma Louise Burkemyer  B Sep 1878  BP OH  D 24 Sep 1938  DP Wood OH(father Ernest Henry Burkemyer  B Jan 1845  BP Germany, mother Florence Marie Gray  B Sep 1845  BP Hanover Germany)

Children of Henry H. and Emma L.

IV. Ernest Henry William Fahle   B 28 Oct 1903  BP Wood OH  D Jun 1981  DP Sylvania  OH (resid of Luckey OH)

+ Helen E. Layman  B 2 Jan 1908  BP OH  D Dec 2000 DP Luckey Wood OH

Earnest W. Fahle 190#19A16C copyErnest W. Fahle

Children of Henry and Emma

V. Ernest Henry William Fahle B 28 Oct 1903 BP Wood, OH D Jun 1981 DP Sylvania OH (resid of Luckey, OH) married 9 Sep 1926

+ Helen E. Layman B 2 Jan 1908 BP OH  D Dec 2000 DP Luckey Wood OH

Children of Ernest and Helen

VI. Doris Fahle (Mason)  B 22 Feb 1927 BP Wood OH D 7 Apr 2001 DP Glendale Maricopa AZ

VI. Lloyd H Fahle B 11 Nov 1929

VI. Dale Fahle B 25 Apr 1935

VI. Charolotte Fahle B 23 Sept 1939

III. Louis Fahle  B 1879 BP Hanover, Germ.

III. George Fahle B 1883

III. Fred Fahle B 1884 BP Germany

III. Frank Fahle  B Feb 1884 BP OH

III. Mary I Fahle  B Jan 1887 BP OH

III. Anna (Annie) Fahle  B Dec 1888 BP OH

III. Fredricka (Freda) Fahle  B Jan 1893 BP OH

III. Amelia Fahle  B Aug 1895 BP OH

III. William Jr. (Willie) Fahle  B Nov 1898 BP OH


II. Henrietta Caroline Fahle  B 1852  D after 1910 in OH

+ Henry Frederick Rolf   B 14 Feb 1848  BP OH

Children of Henrietta and Henry

III. Frank J. Rolf B 10 Jul 1881

+ Jessie E. Bruns  B 12 Apr 1884

Children of Frank and Jessie

IV. Franklin H. Rolf  B 14 Mar 1918


II. Frank (Franz  Heinrich) Fahle B 3 Mar 1853  BP Gromberg, Hanover,Germany D 23 Apr 1939  DP Wood Troy Luckey OH  Bur TTC

+ Anna Catherina Carolina Landwehr B 11 Sep 1850 BP Gromberg Hanover Germany [father Johann Friedrich Landwehr, moth Anna Margaretha Maulk] [Anna was married three times, first to Heinrich Wilhelm Frier on 2 Dec 1868, then Eberhard Heinrich Linke on 13 Jun 1872 and finally Franz Heinrich Fahle 28 Mar 1878] D 18 Jul 1930 DP Webster Wood OH   Burial Troy Luckey Wood OH

Children of Franz & Anna “Caroline” 

III. Frederick Heinrich Fahle B 13 Nov 1880

III. Caroline (Carrie) Marie B Nov 1881 BP Wood OH

III. Johann Freiderich Wilhelm Fahle B 21 Mar 1883 BP Wood OH

III. Herman (Harman) August Fahle B 30 Jan 1885 BP Wood OH D 25 Jul 1963 bur Troy twp Luckey Wood OH

+ Emma Mayme S.(Mamma) B Jan 1888 BP Wood OH

August Fahle's home in Luckey in 1913(1st house on R)August Fahle’s home, first home on the right

II. August Fahle  B Jun 1857  BP Germany

+ Maria Sophia Freyer  B Sep 1869

Children of August and Maria

III. Henry William Fahle  B 30 Nov 1886

+ Edith Maria Louise Ida Hacker  B 22 Jun 1894

Children of Henry and Edith

IV. Marcus August Fahle B 1 Mar 1915  D 6 Nov 1994  DP Port Clinton, OH

IV. unknown child Fahle

IV. Ruth M. Fahle  B 12 Feb 1921

IV. Donald Henry Fahle   B 16 Jun 1925

IV. unknown child Fahle

+ +(second marriage) unknown Aldrich

III. Rhoda Fahle B 26 Dec 1889

+ George Borcherding  B 1888

III. Lydia Fahle  B Jun 1892

III. Ida Fahle B Jul 1895  BP Webster Wood OH