Vol. 04 No. 06 Jun 2011

Presidents News Letter June 2011

Our last meeting was held May 19, 2011. Our April meeting was cancelled due to the nasty weather. We had little money flow in or out since our past meeting. We do have a number of calendars remaining. It was decided that we might try to sell them for the amount they cost to print. The cost to print was around $7.50.

Dave Derr met with the mayor the second week in May in regards to the painting of the town hall. The city received several bids, all where well above the moneys available for the project. Zach Sarver, local contractor volunteered to head up a volunteer crew to scrape and paint the building. The city will still be paying for the paint. The approximate time the project will take place is the third week in July. If you are able bodied, or know someone who would like to volunteer, see Dave Derr or Zach Sarver. Our landscaping of the area around the town hall will have to wait until the painting project is completed.

It was decided to support the town May Day’s Celebration with a cookie sale. The weather was beautiful although way too warm for my taste. After almost four hours with only two sales, (other than member sales), it was decided to pack up and go home. There were very few people in attendance during the day and no lights available for evening or night sales. I guess you are allowed to have a flop once in a while. I was very embarrassed as were other vendors. Thank you for all of your help.

The tea scheduled for May 26th was cancelled due to severe storm warnings.

Mr. Gene Myers donated “Wood County Farm and Business Directory 1947”, it is available for loan.

Summer office hours until August 1st will be by appointment only. My husband is on vacation and I would like to spend as much time as possible with him before he returns to work. If there is someone who would like to have office hours in my place, I will discuss the possibility with the Otte’s.

Amanda Trease from Pasadena CA (the daughter of Tom Layman, son of Wilbur, son of Carl, son of George, son of Peter Lehmann 21 Jul 1836, son of John Lehman 18 Aug 1801) recently contacted me for information. I am going to send a CD of information that I have in regards to her ancestors. If you believe you may have more information than I and are willing to share, let me know.

     Hope you are having a good summer…what happened to spring?

Next meeting Thurs. June 16th, 2011.

Over and Out,



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The photo above left is the building of the grain elevator in Lemoyne, just north of Luckey. The photo to the right is the completed elevator.