Faith United Methodist 1881 – 1981 History

“Faith United Methodist Church”

Centennial History Book 1881 – 1981 LUCKEY OHIO Pgs 54 – 56


The seeds of Faith United Methodist Church at 111 Main Street were sown when a Methodist Sunday School Class was organized in School No. 7 in the Hopper Settlement about 1870. Since the Methodist Publishing House was established in 1790 and has been publishing books and other literature, it is interesting to note the caption recorded in an old Methodist Class record book, “The number of Library books on hand at the commencement of Sunday School, May 1, 1871.”

When the school was moved to another location the congregation went to the Methodist Church at Stony Ridge, which at that time was located north of the present Lutheran Church on the east side of the road.

In 1882 the congregation from the Hopper Settlement decided to build a church in Luckey. A copy of the agreement and a partial list of the subscribers was found in the effects of S. E. Goodell. This gives us an idea of how the original building was financed. The following is an exact copy of the contents: “We, the subscribers, agree to pay the sum set opposite our respective names for the purpose of building a Methodist Episcopal Church at Luckey, Wood County, Ohio. Said Church to be open for use for all other Evangelical denominations when not in use by the Methodist Episcopal Society We, also, agree to pay half the sum we subscribe in thirty (30) days from the date of subscribing and the remainder on the completion of the building. Parties wishing to donate labor can do so to any extent that it can be made available.”

Some of those making pledges were J. B Luckey, John Christen, Henry Hoelter, F. M. Kohring, E. Pember, Orrin Goodell, John Swan, H. Fahle and T. A. Hiser. With the list of pledges completed the building of the church was begun on Lot No. 70, donated to the congregation by I. W. Krotzer. The church thereon erected was 43 ft. 3 in. wide and 126 ft. 5 in. long.

Among the first members were: Ira Austin, Richard Priest, Martin Tooley, Thomas Holden, Fred Miller, Elisha Holden, William Gos, Orrin Goodell, Daniel Caris, James Hopper, William Lance, William Barber, and their wives, Mrs. Henry Blecke, Mrs. Thomas Clegg, Mrs. Sanders, Mrs. David Lehman and Mrs. Isaac Krotzer.

The location on the corner of Lime and Krotzer did not prove to be a good one. There was no place to park and the trucks from the lime plant raised great amounts of dust as they made their daily rounds by that corner. In 1938 the church was move to Lots No. 49 and 50 on West Main Street during the pastorate of Reverend Michael Yeagle. Construction started on the new addition and remodeling on the old part on July 4, 1950. As in the original structure, so again, much of the labor was donated by members and friends.

For several years worship services were held in the social room until, in 1958, the furniture for the new sanctuary was purchased and installed and the new worship facilities were completed.

Music has always been an important part of the worship service at Faith Church. A spinet organ was installed in the new sanctuary in 1959 replacing the old piano that had been used prior to that time. In 1970 a new piano was purchased and for many years piano and organ duets were played at all the worship services. A set of Cathedral Chimes was installed in 1975.

There has always been an active choir at Faith Church and there are still those who sing their love of God each Sunday during the winter season. In the late 1970’s a series of Christmas Candlelight Conerts were presented by the music department.

In 1980 the Faith Players were formed and they presented a drama at the Easter Sunrise Service.

Faith Church has been on the Pemberville circuit since it was founded except for a few years. At one time services were held on every other Sunday only. At this time the members of the Grace Lutheran Church, who were constructing their building, held their services in the Methodist Church. They met on the opposite Sunday of the Methodist congregation.

One of the outstanding ministers of Faith Church was Dr. E. A. Seamands who left this pastorate to become a missionary in India where his work has been outstanding.

One son of this congregation went on to become a minister. Reverend Chester Chambers, son of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Chambers, now serves with the inner city work in Toledo, Ohio.

Faith Church has served the community in many ways. When School District No. 10 was formed they were without a building and classes were held in the Methodist Church for two years.

The United Methodist Women have been active since the beginning of the church. They used to hold their meetings in the rooms above the Union Hall where Mr. & Mrs. Harley Jacobs now reside (240 1/2 Main St.). They have served family style dinners to all who wished to attend from the community and the surrounding area for many years and these meals grow in popularity each year. The United Methodist Women also meet to quilt. Their mission work includes the support of WPOS in Holland, Ohio and the support of the ministry of Rev Seamands.