Wlecke, Frederick & Maria (Carsedres)

Frederick Wlecke  1815 – 8 Dec 1893                                                               Troy Township Pioneer

Maria Carsedres Wlecke 1822 – 12 Jul 1855                                                           Troy Township Pioneer

Frederick Wlecke  and his wife Maria Carsedres were married in the old country before immigrating to America. We find that their first child Maria was born in Hanover in 1849 and son Henry was born in 1854 in Ohio. We can then assume that Frederick and Maria emigrated from Hanover to Ohio some time between 1849 and 1854 and then making their way on to Troy Township, Wood County, Ohio. The Blecke family farm was located on Devil’s Hole Rd. Both Frederick and his wife Maria were buried in Troy Township Cemetery. It is believed that Maria may have been the first person to be interred in that cemetery however, some say that her’s is the oldest tombstone but she isn’t actually buried in the cemetery.

We know that at least two children were born to Frederick and Maria. Records show that the children used “Blecke” instead of the former “Wlecke”. Maria Clara Blecke was born 24 Nov 1849 in Hanover Germany and came to America as did her parents. Henry Frederick Blecke was born 15 Oct 1854 here in Ohio. Both children married and bore children. Maria married Joseph F. Bihn (1839 – 1909) from Liverpool Township, Medina County and bore him thirteen children. Joseph owned a farm in Ottawa County until 1902 when he sold his farm and moved to Michigan. Maria Clara is buried in the Eisenhour Cemetery outside of Pemberville, OH. Henry Fredrick Blecke married Emma Cable born 1 Dec 1855 in Ohio and of German heritage. To them were born four children, all of whom lived in the Luckey area.