Vol. 01 No. 06 Jun 2008

Letter from your Luckey Historical Society President

June 7, 2008

The Luckey Historical Society meets the third Thursday of the month in the Luckey Library on Main St. of Luckey. Office hours are 1:00 to 3:00 PM on Weds. or by appointment (call 419-833-5561 or email at sapre@amplex.net. Our office is located at 234 Main Street, Luckey. We have been very successful in collecting some of the old photographs of Luckey. We know that there are more out there. We ask that people  please, allow us to scan the old pictures before they are lost. We do not need to keep pictures, we only need to scan them and have  permission to share them with the public. We also have had many donations of framed pictures and artifacts. These are on display in the office. We have received donations from the following; Lloyd & Irma Myers, Betty Blevens, Betty Meyer, Luckey Farmers, The Country Kitchen, Ronald Layman,  Ruth Rothenbuhler, Don Overmeyer and JoAnne Colby. We are also grateful to Otte and Son Plumbing and Heating who have provided office space, desk and a show case for our use. Our next fund raiser is June 28th. Put this date on your calendar. We will be having a bake sale during the Luckey Days festival. Before the Luckey Fall Festival we hope to have a Luckey calendar ready for sale. The calendar will have 12 sketches of historic buildings in Luckey.  Some of the sketches to be included in the calendar are on display at the Luckey Library. We also have 50 hats to sell that were donated by Donna Jacobs. Please try to be looking for something that we could sell or raffle.

For the Luckey Days festival please try to bring bake goods before 9 AM. on Saturday morning or I will have the office open Friday afternoon from 1 to 4. We will also need people to work at the sale and someone to put some posters up around town. This will be a good time to “show our stuff”. I am hoping to change the window display again, before the festival. Our next theme will be “Things that Women Used”. If you have any old things that you believe would fit with this topic, please let me know. I am also asking that we each try to dress up in an antique outfit. Yeah, I know, most of my clothes are antiques too. I think that you know what I mean.

Events in the near future include our first annual LHS picnic in August. It will be the same day as the Wood County Living History Day, (following this event). The Wood County Living History Day is at Oak Grove Cemetery, BGSU, Sunday August 24, 2:00 PM. Harley Jacobs has volunteered to cook chickens for us. We will be asking that you sign up and pay for chicken ahead of time. We will also ask that everyone bring a dish to share. Visitors and family are welcome. More on this at our next meeting. If you cannot attend the meeting and wish to participate please contact me. If anyone knows how to reserve a shelter here in Luckey at one of the parks please contact me.

If your find any cheap frames at garage sales or wherever, we are in great need of them to display pictures and documents. We can use just about any size from 5” x 6” to 18” x 24”.

Our next meeting will be June 19th at 6:30 in the Luckey Library. Things to be discussed include; Luckey Days Festival, LHS picnic, LHS constitution, Luckey Fall Festival, update on the Ben Stone home project and more. Hope to see you there.                                     over and out