Vol. 01 No. 07 July 2008

Greetings from Your L.H.S. President July 9, 2008

             At our June meeting we reviewed and discussed  a draft of the Luckey Historical Society ByLaws. A number of suggestions were made. The draft has been retyped with corrections for our next meeting. After a quick review of the corrections, the members in attendance will vote to accept or reject the ByLaws. This is a time consuming process but is a necessary step in establishing our society. Our next step in organization is to organize a few committees. Anyone interested in joining the following committees please let me know; Collections, Education, Membership and Planning.

            The window show case has been changed. The theme is; “Things that Women Used”. Thank you to those of you letting us borrow your treasures. Our next showcase will be old toys. This one should be fun! Anyone hiding an old toy around the house should start looking for it now. Well maybe not. I know it is going to take me a long time to round up my little surprises. I know that somewhere I have an old wooden top, blues harp, jews harp, marbles, dolls, metal train engine, etc. ………..all I have to do is find the stuff!!!!

            Our bake sale at the Luckey Days festival went well. Despite the rain and competition from another bake sale, we were able to sell almost all of our goods. We made just over a hundred dollars again. Even more important we had many people interested in the display window, talking about the “good old days”, looking for information, enjoying the display of pictures and thanking us for taking an interest in the history of Luckey. Thanks to all of you who donated your time and your goodies.

            Due to the poor weather forecast we did not have our little raffle (to enter, one must identify the antique items). We will save it for the Luckey Fall Festival.

            More good news! Don Overmeyer has volunteered his service in the form of a loan. Don will loan us the money to have calendars printed. I am busy at the present time completing the sketch of the School House for District 10. This school house sat at the corner of Lime and Krotzer. SURPRISE! The building is still there.  It was separated and is currently three homes in the same location. The calendars will cost us $8.50 a piece to print. I am hoping that we can sell more of them at $15.00 a piece. We could charge $20.00 a piece but then I don’t think that we would sell as many. Before next meeting think seriously about how many you think that you personally could sell. I am thinking that we could sell around 50 of them.

            Evelyn Wilkens donated 4 picture frames and Donna Jacobs donated Polaroid cameras and secretarial supplies. Thanks again and keep those donations coming!

            The first Annual picnic will occur August 24th at 5:00. The Wood County Living History Day is at the Oak Grove Cemetery (BGSU) from 2 to 4. We have the shelter house reserved. Harley Jacobs is doing the chickens, we need to sign up for other items. We need $2.50 for each person (that is for half a chicken). Bring money to the next meeting  and be prepared to sign up for side dishes. Guests are welcome.

Shirley Davis reports that an Amish restoration group has been notified regarding the restoration of the Ben Stone home. She is waiting for an estimate.

            A request has been made for email addresses. If you have an email address and don’t mind me sending the President’s Letter electronically, please send me an email at; SAPRE@AMPLEX.NET 

NEXT MEETING; July 17th, at 6:30            EXECUTIVE MEETING; July 17th at 6:00

PICNIC; Aug. 24th at 5:00                        LUCKEY FALL FESTIVAL; SEPT. 25 – 29th

over and out


                  Dr. Harvey Arthur Stuchell was a veterinarian. He was born July 28, 1888 in Creekside, PA to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stuchell (Anna Johnston). He came to Luckey in 1910 and was married to Kathryn Goodell of Luckey on Feb. 5, 1912. At that time he moved into the home he built on east Main Street. He operated his veterinary practice from his home for many years. In 1945 Dr. Stuchell moved his practice to 243 Main Street. Dr. Stuchell was a member of the Northwestern Ohio Veterinary Association. Dr. Stuchell passed away on Jan. 22, 1967 at the Wood Co. Hospital. Dr. Stuchell’s wife Katherine passed soon after on May 26th, 1967 also at Wood Co. Hospital. Many people remember his small office at the east end of the south business block in Luckey.


                  Many speak of fond memories of Dr. Stuchell. Goldie Shiffert Colby told her children about the time Dr. Stuchell volunteered to deliver her baby. He had the opportunity to deliver many animals but never and human babies. Goldie didn’t want anything to do with the vet delivering her baby and once again Dr. Stuchell missed the opportunity. The sketch below was donated by Luckey Farmers. I understand that it was printed in a local newspaper. Do you recall any Dr. Stuchell stories? 

Vol. 01 No. 07 Pres letter Jul 2008 Luckey Vet Dr.H.A.Stuchell