Vol. 01 No. 08 Aug 2008


Attendance;  7/17/08

*Sally Predmore Dave Derr Joane Colby *Ruth Rothenbuhler

*Shirley Davis Donna Jacobs Irma Meyer Lloyd Meyer

Fred Witzler *officers


Treasurer’s report; Ruth Rothenbuhler  – We have $243 in the bank. $20 of the $243 is for the Ben Stone Fund. We made $106 at the Luckey Summer Festival.

Old Business;

ByLaws were reviewed, the section on the last page regarding non profit status was removed and some wording on the amendment regarding amendments. Donna motioned to accept the bylaws excluding the previously mentioned changes, second was Ruth, all yea vote.

No one was interested in forming any committees. People like it the way it is, if anyone has any suggestions – they share their ideas with the President.

At the last meeting we had decided to try to make a black and white calendar with old pictures and estimate our costs. But, at the Luckey Summer Festival, Don Overmeyer volunteered to financially back the project. He will pay for the printing and we will return the money as we sell the calendars. It was motioned by Shirly and seconded by Joanne Colby to continue with the calendar project and have 50 of them printed.  Cost of the printing is about $8.50 per calendar and we would sell them for $15.00.

Money was collected for the August 24th first annual picnic at basic park. People were also asked to sign up to bring a side dish. The $2.50 per person is for the chicken. Harley Jacobs is in charge of the chicken. If you have not signed up, please do so at our next meeting. Guests are welcome.

The executive board decided upon a $10 per year due. The dues need to be paid by the September meeting and will be affective Sept. to Sept. Members will need to be reminded to start paying their dues each Aug.

Shirly Davis reported that Mike Aring is donating the Ben Stone house on Sugar Ridge Rd. to the LHS. The group that is to give us an estimate, still has not shown up to do so. It was asked that Shirley contact Mike to see if we could visit the home. Arrangements were made and a visit occurred. Pictures were taken by Drew Predmore, dimensions for a sketch of the building were taken by Dave Derr and Fred Witzler and the building inspected by all. Dave Derr has accepted the position of project manager. He will speak more about his findings and proposals at our next meeting. Keep your ears open for people who may be willing to support our adventure with their time, talent or financial support.

We have several items to sell and raffle at the Luckey Fall Fest. Keep those ideas and items coming.


Ruth Rothenbuhler received a Fahle flour bag from an anonymous donor. It is in beautiful condition. Way to go Ruth!

We received a number of photo’s from the Thelma Goetz estate. We ay need help identifying the location of some of the pictures as they were not well labeled. I am really excited about a post card of the Town Hall and many class pictures from the early Luckey School.


Dates to remember;

AUGUST MEETING; Aug. 21st at 6:30 (the third Thurs. of the month)

PICNIC; Aug. 24th at 5:00 (south shelter house at Basic Park)

SEPTEMBER MEETING; Sept. 18th (the third Thurs of the month)

LUCKEY FALL FESTIVAl; Sept. 25 – 29th

OFFICE HOURS; every Weds. afternoon from 1 to 3 or by appointment


Hope to see you soon,

over and out

Sally Predmore

This is a scan from an original postcard. Notice how clear the picture is. Each time that a picture is copied some of the clarity is lost. This is why it is so important that we try to find as many originals as possible and get them scanned. 


This picture was taken around 1915. Notice that Main Street in the foreground has not been paved, neither has Krotzer to the left been paved. On the far left you can see the school bell for the Luckey District 5 Building. You can clearly see the church steeple for the Methodist Church. The Hopper Settlement began the building of this church in 1882. This location on the corner of Krotzer and Lime did not work out so well. There was no place to park and the trucks from the Lime Plant made too much dust. The church was moved west down Main Street were it is now located.


The Town Hall was built in 1894 by the Troy Township Trustees. The town of Luckey purchased the building in 1952. It is currently used as a food pantry.