Vol. 02 No. 02 Feb 2009

Presidents Letter Feb. 2009


Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will be able to meet this month (Feb. 19). We did have our “tea” and had good attendance. I believe that a good time was had by all. I enjoyed listening to personal accounts of life in Luckey, back before I moved here.

I am collecting information on the following:

Lloyd Weddell, The Helm family, Thelma Goetz and Luckey Churches. I have almost completed the Zion Methodist Church sketch.

We have a small collection of books that have been donated to LHS. Members are welcome to borrow them.

“Troy Township, Wood County, OH 1897”

“Troy Township Schools”

“Index to 1880 U.S. Census of Wood County, OH”

“Indexes to 1850 U. S. Census and 1860 U.S. Census, Wood County, OH”

“1830 & 1840 Census of Wood County”

“Wood County, OH Early Landowners Recorded Patent Deeds 1822 – 1854”

“Index to Naturalization Records Wood County, OH Book One-Probate Court 1859-1925, Book

Two-Common Pleas 1849-1906, Addendum-1837-1841 and 1847-1852”

“A Gazetteer of Indian Territory” by Henry Gannett

“Genealogical Guide Master Index of Genealogy I the Daughters of the American Revolution


“Early Ohio Settlers Purchasers of Land in East and East Central OH, 1800-1840”

“The Trail That Leads Back” by Frank Conrad Hasel

“State Census Records” by Ann S. Lainhart (describes information in SCR and how to use them)

“Toledo Our Life, Our Times, Our Town 1800’s-1950 Toledo, OH” Toledo Blade

I would also like to recommend the following reading:

“The Scotch and Scotch Ridge” by Charlotte Shaw is a must! The names and places in

this text are from right in our own “back yard”. You will recognize the names such as: Dunipace, Stone, Muir, Priest, Loomis, etc.

“The Great Black Swamp I” “The Great Black Swamp II” and “The Black Swamp III” by Jim

Mollenkopf” The later is a new release and I haven’t had the opportunity to read it yet. If

it is similar to the first two of his books; it will be well worth reading.

“Black Swamp Farm” by Howard Good is another book about life in the Black Swamp. Howard

Good lived west of here but the stories he writes are similar to what the settlers would

have experienced here in this area. I know Howard Good’s granddaughter, which makes this

book special to me.

If enough people are interested, maybe we could purchase copies of those on my recommended list for our society.

Keep thinking and looking for pictures to scan for our Picture Collection. I recently was able to scan some pictures from Donna Jacob’s collection. She was able to provide some information on Harvey Helm and the Zion United Methodist Church. Ruth Rothenbuhler was also able to provide some information on Harvey Helm and local churches.

If you are in town, take time to look at the display in Otte’s window. I had much more that I would have liked to put in the window but ran out of space. I wanted the pictures large enough so people could enjoy them. So I elected to have fewer larger pictures. The frames that the pictures are in were purchased with LHS funds. If the pictures are not protected they get destroyed from the condensation in the window. Dick Otte says that people frequently stop to enjoy the display.

Hope to see you Thurs. – 6:30 Feb. 19th at the Library.

Over and out