Vol. 02 No. 09 Sep 2009

Just a quick note to keep you up to date.

We have decided to keep our spot in the flea area at the Fall Festival. Dick Otte, Dave Otte, Matt Meyers and Fred Witzler are having a raffle for the society, are funding their raffle, manning the location and purchasing their own spot inside the food/commercial tent. Our flea sale spot will be a couple spots down the isle across from the food/commercial tent. In order to make this a profitable adventure we need bunches of donations. I hope that you all are asking friends, neighbors and relatives for donations.

So far we have eight businesses give their $25 for the calendar. Shirley Davis volunteered to purchase a month as a supporter of LHS. Is there anyone out there who would like to donate $25 to have their name put on the calendar as supporters of LHS? We have 3 more months. We have to have the advertisements/supporters in by Sept. 14th in order to have the calendars printed for the Fall Festival.

Remember, our Regular meeting is Sept. 17th and there will be NO Tea the month of September. The Fall festival is Sept. 25th and 26th.

Troy Township Cemetery

“Known to all persons by these presents that I, Cyrenius Goodell of Wood County, Ohio in consideration of one hundred dollars ($100.00) to him paid by the trustees of the Troy Cemetery Association… containing two acres of land.” “To have and to hold the same to the trustees and their successors in the office forever in trust for a cemetery or place to bury the dead and for no other purpose to be governed in the use of said cemetery by the statute of the state of Ohio in such cases made and provided and to fence said cemetery in good and substantial manner and to keep it fenced and in good repair and condition otherwise.” [Troy Cemetery Association, County Recorders Office, 1864]

The earliest date of death found is for Maria Wleck, 1885 which appears on the monument erected for her husband Frederick Wleck. Maria is not buried there at all. Family tradition states that she was buried at Salem Lutheran Cemetery (Schweitz), but no stone now exists there either. Her husband Frederick remarried twice but Maria was the mother of all his children. It incorrectly gives the impression that she was buried at Troy Township Cemetery. In fact, the family lived just outside Pemberville at the time she died and Frederick moved near Luckey many years later.

At least two purchases of burial lots are recorded in the Recorder’s Deed books. Troy Cemetery Association to Sealscott, H. Garret, Volume 29 Page 517, cemetery lot #? August 6, 1864 & Swartz, Pater et al to Wyman, Jas R, Volume 52, Page 560, Cemetery lot #96 August 5, 1864.

Learning that G.F. Claus was the first president of the Troy Township Cemetery Association, it is not surprising to find that the township records between the years 1896 and 1940 were lost. The records from that era were stored in the G.F. Claus store in Luckey and were all lost in a fire that destroyed the building.

The earliest landowners map of Wood County that shows this cemetery is Ever’s 1871, in which a cemetery is shown in the middle of the property owned by C. Goodell. This is several years before the village of Luckey even came into existence.

The above cemetery information was published as part of the Spirit Quest, a project by the Northwest Ohio Geocachers.

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