Vol. 02 No. 12 Dec 2009

Presidents Letter December 2009


Winter weather has finally struck Northwest OH. I sure am glad I am not a pioneer living in a log cabin. The blowing wind finds its way into every nook and cranny of the house. I wonder if the woods surrounding the town helped slow down the wind? We have been lucky this year as the winter weather has held off so long. On the LHS calendar cover the snow storm pictures were taken in November 1913. The years that I was in college we always had a good snowstorm by Thanksgiving. Driving across Ohio back to BG for winter quarter was always a challenge.

Our bank account is on the rise again. We are back up to around $1900. We only have 5 or 6 calendars remaining. If you haven’t gotten one or know someone who would like one, better act fast.

We had our bake sale at “The State Bank and Trust Company” here in Luckey on Friday December 4th. We had an excellent assortment of baked goods and a fair amount of traffic. We collected $197. We put a donation bucket out and received some monetary donations as well as selling goods. At the bank we had items for display from Doug Rahrig. He is a relative of the Myers who owned the general store here in town. Doug loaned us a Luckey Bank business checkbook, complete with unused checks from the 1920’s. He loaned us the Myers Store Ledger that lists all of the people with accounts at the store (also in the 1920’s). Oh, the days were much more simple before we had credit cards! Hidden in the ledger was a pile of receipts for items purchased made by H. Myers for the store. Some of the receipts are colorful and interesting. He also loaned us a picture of the same era taken in front of the store. I will bring the loaned materials to the meeting so you may enjoy them.

         Zack Sarver met with Dave on Mon, 17 Nov 2009 to do an external inspection of the town hall. The six windows have been sheltered from the weather by the large overhang of the roof and will not need replaced. They do need to be cleaned, painted and glazed. One of the front porch posts is rotten at the bottom and needs replaced then shingled. The roof on the porch needs replaced. We need to cut in the original diamond windows now missing. We don’t know yet if they are hiding in the walls or will need to be built from scratch. We need to investigate the original color of the exterior wooden shingles so it can be restored back to its original color. Zach is working on writing a bid. After we get the bid we can seriously start looking for money.

Several people have mentioned the desire to have our collected materials more accessible. Do you think people would use materials if we put them in the library as reference materials? Think about it, we will discuss it at the meeting.

         Would you like to have a Luckey Historical Society T Shirt? If we are going to be working on the Town Hall or at the Fall Festival, they would be a pleasant and cheap form of advertising. Think about it, we will discuss it at the meeting.


Next meeting; Dec. 17th, 2009 at 6:30 in the Luckey Library

No tea this month due to the holidays.

Jan. meeting will be Jan 21, 2010 same time, same place

Jan.Tea will be Jan. 28, 2010 at 1:30 in the Luckey Library


Over and out,



Sally Predmore