Vol. 03 No. 06 Jun 2010

News Letter – June 2010


It is already June. If our weather the last few weeks is an indication of what we can expect this summer, we all need to hold on to our hats! I searched the history of tornadoes and can find no record of a Tornado ever touching down in Luckey. The closest that one has landed was in Pemberville. How lucky we are in Luckey!

Our town hall project is getting close to happening. I am anxious to hear Dave Derr’s reports from the town council and Zack Sarver. When the construction begins I am hoping to have some sort of party while Zack works or maybe when the project is finished. Maybe we could have an open house. Think about it and bring ideas to the meeting. I am thinking we should have some big signs in front of the hall before and during construction, then a permanent plaque somewhere inside when it is finished.

Now that summer is here we need to be thinking of what we are going to do for the fall festival. Our flea sale and rest tent went over well last year. The “whatsit” booth also did well. Bring your ideas to the next meeting.

I didn’t realize how low the ink was when I printed the first round of Landwehr booklets. The cartridge has been replaced and the new booklets look great. I am in need of envelopes at least 8 1/2 in. by 5 1/2 in. to mail booklets. Our special heavy paper is also about gone. If anyone has some around that we can have I won’t have to purchase them. Otherwise we need to look into purchasing some office items.