Vol. 03 No. 10 Oct 2010

Presidents letter – October 2010

         Fall is definitely here in NW OH. The leaves are turning and the temperatures falling.  Yearly dues are due. The cost is $20 per family.

Our 1911 calendars arrived in time for the fall festival. We ordered 50 copies. We have sold about half of them. Please check with your friends and relatives to see if they would like to purchase a copy. They are $15, the same as last year.

Except for the terrible windstorm on the Friday afternoon of Fall Festival weekend the weather was great. There were many many people there.  It doesn’t seem as though there were as many local people attending this year but that may be because they were out working at the festival someplace. Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning there seemed to be a steady stream of people walking through the tent. Otte & Son Plumbing donated the rental fee for their portion of the space in the big tent. An anonymous donor paid the fee for the remaining tent space rental. Thank you Anonymous Donor.  People truly enjoyed the Whatsit Display. There was almost a continual line of people trying to figure out the identity of the items. However, as last year, not too many of them were interested in paying a dollar to take a chance on winning the $100 prize.  The afghan raffle brought a fare amount of attention. Many women stopped to check out the unique pattern. However, few people were interested in paying for a ticket so they could perhaps win it. We sold 20 calendars at the Fall Festival along with some Coloring Books and other printed material.  Many people were interested in our collection of photos and stopped to enjoy and chat about days gone by.

The coloring book has been presented to the Luckey Elementary School by Leigh Snyder, Jr. editor of the project.

The state requires 4th graders to learn about their local history. The book should be very helpful for current and future students and teachers.

At my last peek one of the windows in the Town hall had been installed. The porch has been leveled and posts repaired. The electricity inside the building has been moved so the second window may be installed. Dave Derr spent a day replacing the mortar between the foundation blocks in the front. I can’t wait to see it when it is completed.

Check your calendars. When would be a good time to have a holiday bake sale?

Our next meeting will be Thurs. Oct. 21, next month our meeting will be Thurs. Nov. 18th, the week before Thanksgiving.

Luckey Lumber

Luckey Lumber was located in the area behind our current post office. The photos below were provided by Irma Meyer.

Luckey Lumber Yard

Luckey Lumber Fire p#19AFE6Luckey Lumber Fire J#19AFADLuckey Lumber Fire p#19B045Luckey Lumber Fire p#19B014Luckey Lumber Fire 17 Jan 1987  copy