Vol. 03 No. 12 Dec 2012

Presidents letter Dec. 2010


             Most of our calendars were sold by Thanksgiving. An order was placed for 25 more. The new calendars arrived in time for the bake sale. There are now plenty of calendars to be purchased at the bank and Otte plumbing.

The bake sale this month went off without a hitch. The bank had the table set up and even had a festive snowflake cover on it. Again we had a great variety of goods and plenty of business in the afternoon. The two big hits this year were chocolate crispy bars donated by the Witzlers and the Russian teacakes topped with caramel and cheese chocolate topping made by Dave Otte. We sold a number of calendars and coloring books as well as made over $150 on the bake sale.

         We have had a number of donations and photos loaned to our historical society. The US Bicentennial Luckey Celebration photos and the Luckey Centennial Celebration photos from Eloise Brinker have been scanned and printed. In January we will have to meet on a Thursday afternoon to see how many people we can identify in the photos.

         One of the items that was donated to the society was a December 14th 1923 copy of the Luckey Herald Newspaper from Dave Derr. The newspaper is very brittle and broken. The first page was mostly news pertaining to Luckey. The remaining seven pages were news from area towns, national news, entertaining reading and advertisements. Many of the advertisements were from Toledo businesses. I scanned the advertisements from Luckey businesses individually. I typed the local news as much as I could discern. Some of the paper was missing along the folds and there are some words that I have had to leave blank. For your entertainment and enjoyment I have included the Luckey materials. sorry web readers – can’t figure out how to transfer this one to the web page ;o(

         So far this year we have 19 paying members. I send out 35 monthly newsletters. Our society has certainly grown in the short time that we have been in existence. Our first meeting was October 4th, 2007. Allen Jacobs and Sally Predmore were in attendance.

For my next booklet I would like to feature Vic’s Ideal Inn. I have some photos of Vic’s but the more I have the better. Any stories that you can remember pertaining to Vic, or Vic’s please jot them down for me. If you have any newspaper articles are anything else pertaining to Vic’s please share them with me.

Next meeting Dec 16th, 2010 at 6:30 in the Luckey Library.                                          January meeting Dec 20th, 2010 at 6:30 in the Luckey Library.

I am hoping for a scan and share meeting Jan 13th or 27th at 1 PM.

over and out