I. Jacob Lehmann BP Switzerland

+ unknown wife BP Switzerland

Children of Jacob and Unknown wife

II. Samuel Lehmann B 28 Dec 1766 BP Switzerland mar 20 Mar 1789

+ Anna Sigfried B 1768 BP Biglen Bern Switzerland

Children of Samuel and Anna

III. Elsbeth Lehmann B 1789

III. Christen Lehmann B 1793

III. Anna Lehmann B 1795

III. Barbara Lehmann B 1799

III. John Lehmann B 18 Aug 1801 BP Laupersville, Bern Switzerland D 21 Mar 1872 DP

Webster Wood OH Cause of Death Consuumption mar 23 Sep 1826 married in Laupersville

Bern Switzerland

+ Magdelna Jacobs B 8 Aug 1804 BP Bern Switzerland D 18 Aug 1893 DP Webster

Wood OH

Children of John and Magdelna

IV. Anna Barbara Lehmann B 28 Jul 1826 BP Laupersville Bern Switzerland

IV. Johann Lehmann B 1829

IV. Christian Lehmann B 9 Dec 1831

IV. Anna Lehmann B 28 Apr 1833

IV. Peter Lehmann B 21 Jul 1836 BP Laupersville Bern Switzerland D 30 Mar 1916

DP Luckey Wood OH mar 20 Dec 1863 married Laupersville Bern Switzerland

+ Helen Geckle B 28 Aug 1843 BP Wurtemberg Germany D 25 Aug 1895

++ Minnie Scout Poust mar 24 Jul 1879 ended in divorce

+++Chloe Taylor mar 23 Aug 1901 married in Fremont OH

Children of Peter and Helen

V. Julia Muir

V. John W. Layman (spelling change) B 15 May 1865 BP OH

+ Carrie (Caroline) Jacobs B 30 Sep 1870 BP OH (father Samuel Jacobs B 1831

BP Switzerland Germany mother Elizabeth Clauser BP Switzerland Germany)

Children of John and Carrie

VI. Minnie (Manie) R. Layman B 22 Sep 1889 BP OH

VI. Henry W. Layman B 1891 or 92 BP OH

VI. Anna A. Layman B 27 Mar 1894 BP OH

VI. Gotlieb Frederick Layman B 30 Jun 1897 BP OH

VI. Matilda S. Layman B 17 Oct 1898 BP OH

VI. Oscar J. Layman B 10 Apr 1901 BP OH

VI. Herman (Harmon) Layman B 2 Jan 1908 BP OH

VI. Helen E. Layman B 2 Jan 1908 BP OH D Dec 2000

VI. Leo Layman B 1910 or 1911 BP Webster Wood OH

VI. Ernest Layman B 27 Nov 1913 BP Webster Wood OH

V. Caroline Lehmann B 1867

V. George Adam Lehmann B 12 Sep 1868

V. Louisa M. Lehmann B Sep 1868

V. Charles L. Lehmann B 1874

V. Helena M. Lehmann B 15 May 1876 BP OH

V. Ida M. Lehmann B 1879

V. Albert Frederick Lehmann B 11 Mar 1883 BP Wood OH

IV. Johannes Lehmann B 1 Nov 1839

IV. Christian Lehmann B 1 May 1843

IV. Ulrich Lehmann B 8 Jun 1848

III. Cathrina Lehmann B 1805

III. Verena Lehmann B 1805

III. Maria Lehmann B 1811

Layman family

standing lft to rt.

Louise Fortlander

Charlie Layman

John Layman

George Layman

Leona Geisbuhler


sitting left to right

Julia Muir

Pete Layman

Helen Layman

Gus Rabb (nephew)

Albert Layman

Nora Engleheart