House of Hohenzollem


I. Count Frederick II of Zollern


II. Frederick I of Nuremberg  (born before 1139 death after 1 Oct 1200)  The first Burgrave of Nuremberg from the House of Hohenzollern. The founder of the Franconian line of the House of Hohenzollern, which he called Hohenzollern to distinguish it from the House of Zollern. Famouns Descendants; Queen Elizabeth II, Frederick The Great of Prussia, Wilhelm II (last Kaiser of Germany and last King of Prussia)

III. Conrad I of Nuremberg  B 1186  D 1261

Burgrave of Nuremberg of the House of Hohenzollern

IV. Frederick III, Burgrave of Nuremberg  B 1220  D 14 Aug 1297

Burgrave of Nuremberg from the House of Hohenzollern

V. Frederick IV, Burgrave of Nuremberg  B 1287  D 1332

Burgrave of Nuremberg from the House of Hohenzollern

VI.  John II, Burgrave of Nuremberg  B 1309  D 1357

Burgrave of Nuremberg from the House of Hohenzollern

VII.   Frederick V, Burgrave of Nuremberg  B before 3 Mar 1333  D 21 Jan 1398

Burgrave of Nuremberg from the House of Hohenzollern.

VIII.   Fredrick I, Elector of Brandenburg  B 21 Sep 1371 BP Nuremberg  D 20 Sept 1441  He was the first member of the House of Hohenzollern to rule the Margraviate of Brandenburg.

IX. Albert III (Albert Achilles)  B 9 Nov 1414  D 11 Mar 1486  He was Prince-elector of the Margraviate of Brandenburg. He received the nickname Achilles because of his knightly qualities. He also ruled the Principality of Ansbach.

Albert Achilles with wife Anna, Princess of Saxony

X.  John Cicero   B 2 Aug 1455 BP Ansbach in Franconia DP Castle Ameburg

A member of the House of Hohenzollern

John Cecero and his consort Margarete

XI. Joachim I Nestor   B 21 Feb 1484  D 11 Jul 1535   He was the Prince-elector of the Margraviate of Brandenburg (1499-1535). He was a member of the House of Hohenzollern and nicknamed after the Nestor of Greek mythology.

Joachim I Nestor, Elector of Brandenburg

XII.  Joachim II Hector [German; Joachim II. Hector of Hektor  B 13 Jan 1505 BP Colin D 3 Jan 1571  DP Köpenick     Joachim was a Prince-elector of the Margraviate of Brandenburg (1535-1571) and a member of the House of Hohenzollern. . He was nicknamed after Hector of Greek mythology. Joachim Hector became co-inheritor of Ducal Prussia upon the death of his uncle Duke Albert of Brandenburg Prussia.

Joachim II Hector, 1550

XIII.  John George [German: Johann Georg;   B 11 Sep 1525  D 8 Jan 1598  John George was a Prince-elector of the Margraviate of Brandenburg (1571-1598), a Duke of Prussia and a member of theHouse of Hohenzollern.


John George, Elector of Brandenburg

John George, Elector of Brandenburg, & his second consort, Sabine of Ansbach

XIV. Joachim Frederick [German: Joachim Friedrich] B 27 Jan 1546  D 18 Jul 1608


Joachim Frederick, Elector of Brandenburg

 XV. John Sigismund [German: Johann Sigismund;]  B 8 Nov 1572  BP Halle an der Saale  D 23 Dec  1619

John Sigismund, Duke of Prussia

XVI. George William (German: Georg Wilhelm)  B 13 Nov 1595  BP Cölln on the Spree D 1 Dec 1640    George William of the Hohenzollern dynasty was margrave and elector of Brandenburg and Duke of Prussia (1619-1640). His reign was marked by ineffective governance during the Thirty Years’ War.

George William, Elector of Brandenburg

XVII. Frederick William (German: Friedrich Wilhelm)  B 16 Feb 1620  BP  Berlin D 29 Apr 1688    Frederick William was the Elector of Brandenburg and the Duke of Prussia from 1640 until his death. He was of the House of Hohenzollern and is popularly known as the Great Elector (Großer Kurfürst) because of his military and political skill. Frederick William was also a staunch pillar of the Calvinist faith, associated with the rising commercial class. He saw the importance of trade and promoted it vigorously. The Great Elector’s shrewd domestic reforms gave Prussia a strong position in the post-Westphalia political order of north-central Europe, setting Prussia up for elevation from duchy to kingdom, achieved under his successor.


Frederick William Elector of Brandenburg and Duke of Prussia

XVIII. Frederick I [German: Freidrich]   B 11 Jul 1657  D 25 Feb 1713   Frederick was of the Hohenzollen dynasty. He was Elector of Brandenburg (1688 – 1713) and Duke of Prussia in personal union. Eventually became the first King in Prussia (1701 – 1713) From 1707 he was in personal union the sovereign prince of the Principality of Neuchâtel (German: Fürstentum Neuenburg).

Frederick I of Prussia

XIX.  Frederick William of Prussia (German: Friedrich Wilhelm I)   B 14 Aug 1688  D 31 May 1740   Frederick William was of the House of Hohenzollem. He was the King in Prussia and Elector of Brandenburg from 1713 until his death. He is popularly known as “The soldier-King”. He was in personal union the sovereighn prince of the Principality ofNeuchâtel. As King he acquired a reputation for his fondness for military display, leading to his special efforts to hire the tallest men he could find in all of Europe for a special regiment nicknamed the Potsdam Giants.

King of Prussia, Elector of Brandenburg, Frederick William I

Frederick William married Queen Sophia Dorothea of Hanover the daughter of Frederick’s uncle, King George I of Great Britain and Sophia Dorothea of Celle on 28 Nov 1706. King Frederick and Queen Sophia were first cousins.

Sophia Dorothea of Hanover, Queen of Prussia Portrait by Antoine Pesne, 1726

XX. Children of Frederick William and Sophia Dorothea

1.   Princess Wilhelmine, Margravine of Brandenburg-Bayreuth (1709–1758), married Friedrich, Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth

2.    Prince  Frederick Wilhelm II “Frederick the Great” (Frederich II of Prussia 1712 – 1786)

3.     Friederike Luise, Margravine of Brandenbrg-Ansbach (1712 – 1786)

4.    Philippine Charlotte, Cuchess of Brunswidk – Wolfenbuttel (1716 – 1801)

5.    Sophea Dorothea, Margravine of Brandenburg – Schwedt (1719 – 1765)

6.    Luise Ulrike, Queen of Sweden (1720 – 1782)

7.    August Wilhelm (1722 – 1758)

8.    Anna Amalie (1723 – 1787)

9.    Heinrich (1726 – 1802)

10.  August Ferdinand (1730 – 1813)


The Sons of Friedrich Wilhelm I (above) 1737 and Sophia Dorothea

XX.  Friederike Sophie Wilhelmine, Princess of Prussia & Margravine of Bayreuth  B 3 Jul 1709  BP Berlin D 14 Oct 1758

Princess Wilhelmine was sister of King Frederick the Great.

Wilhelmine was the eldest child of Frederick the Great. Due to her father’s mental illness she and her younger brother Frederick were very close. Wilhelmine and Frederick were friends and confidantes most of their lives. Wilhelmine also had an unhappy childhood due to her mother’s persistence that she marry her cousin Frederick Prince of Wales. Eventually she married a fellow Hohenzollern , Frederick of Brandenburg-Bayreuth. This marriage was only accepted by Wilhelmine under threats from her father and with a view to lightening her brother’s disgrace. It turned out to be a happy marriage at first, though it was clouded at first by narrow means, and then by the infidelities of the future Margrave with Dorothea von Marwitz. Wilhelmine’s only child was Elisabeth Fredericka Sophie of Brandenburg-Bayreuth (August 301732April 61780). Described by Giacomo Casanova as the most beautiful girl in Germany, she was married to Karl Eugen, Duke of Württemberg in 1748

Willhelmine, The Margravine of Bayreuth


Wilhelmine in her later years.


XX. Frederick Wilhelm II “the Great”   B 24 Jan 1723 BP Berlin  D 17 Aug 1786  DP Potsdam

Born Prince, Frederick was a King of Prussia (1740–1786) He was from the Hohenzollern dynasty. In his role as a prince-electorof the Holy Roman Empire, he was Frederick IV (Friedrich IV) of Brandenburg. He was in personal union the sovereign prince of the Principality of Neuchâtel. He became known as Frederick the Great (Friedrich der Große) and was nicknamed der alte Fritz (“Old Fritz“). Frederick had no children, Frederick was succeeded by his nephew, Frederick William II of Prussia, son of his brother, Prince Augustus William of Prussia.

King Frederick II (The Great )

 Augustus William of Prussia


XX.    Augustus William of Prussia [German: August Wilhelm]  B 9 Aug 1722  BP Berlin  D 12 Jun 1758  DP Oranienburg

Augustus was the younger brother of Wilhelmine of Bayreuth, Frederick II of Prussia and Louisa Ulrika of Prussia. Because his older brother had no children, his oldest son inherited the throne as King Frederick William II of Prussia.

XX.    Princess Friederike Luise of Prussia [German: Friederike Luise von Preußen]  B 29 Aug BP Berlin  D 4 Feb 1784  DP Schwanigen

Friederike Luise was the second daughter of the King of Prussia, sister of Augustus, Frederick II and Wilhelmine. She was also the mother of Christian Frederick Charles Alexander, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach. On 30 May 1729 in Berlin, Friederike Luise married her Hohenzollern kinsman Karl Wilhelm Friedrich, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach (12 May 1712 – 3 August 1757). They had four children :

  • Karl Friedrich August (7 April 1733 – 9 May 1737)
  • Christian Frederick (24 February 1736 – 5 January 1806)
  • Wilhelmine Eleonore (20 September 1743 – 1768)
  • Louise Charlotte (27 April 1746 – 31 January 1747)

Princess Friederike Luise of Prussia, Margravineof Brandenburg-Ansbach, by Antoine Pesne

XXI.  Christian Frederick Charles Alexander, Margrave of Brandenburg [German: Christian Friedrich Karl Alexander]  B 24 Feb 1736  BP Ansbach  D 5 Jan 1806 DP Benham Castle near Speen    Christian was the last Margrave of the two Franconian principalities Brandenburg-Ansbach and Brandenburg-Bayreuth. He was also Duke of Prussia and Count of Seryn. Christian Frederick Charles Alexader’s parents were Charles William Frederick and Princess Friederike Luise of Prussia “Alexander” as he later called himself had a number of wives and mistresses.On 22 November 1754, in Coburg, Charles Alexander married Caroline Friederike von Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld (1735-1791), daughter of Franz Josias, Duke of Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld and Anne Sophie, Princess of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt. On 3 August 1757, Charles Alexander became the Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach. The Residenz of the principality was Ansbach, but Charles Alexander preferred his hunting estate and country seat in Triesdorf. Here, he renovated the “White Castle” for his lover Hippolyte Clairon, the “Red Castle” for himself, and built the Villa Sandrina for his lover “Fräulein Kurz”, and the “Round Villa” (Villa Rotunda) for his mistress (and later wife) Elizabeth Craven.

Prince Charles Alexander, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach

       And so the story goes that one of the affairs of Prince “Alexander” led to the birth of a child. The child of the Prince was born to Countess Salome Von Grafenried who was already married to Count Von Grafenried. Because of the scandal it would create, it was impossible for the mother to keep the baby, the baby was given up. Through a mutual friend of the people involved, the baby boy was adopted by the Clauser’s (Glauser in German), a family in Zurich. As the story is told, Countess Salome lived only two years after the birth of the baby, dying of heartbreak. The baby was given the name Johann Clauser I. When Johann Clauser I died on 30 Jan 1828, he was buried in the Grafenreid church in Fraubrunnen under the name of Grafenreid (not Clauser) beside the crypt of his mother, The Countess Salome. Prince Alexander, who kept contact with his young son through his boyhood, is said to have put a huge amount of money for him in the Von Buren bank. There were also papers in the mother’s crypt to verify the relationship of Johann Clauser to the prince. Johann Clauser I’s son, Johann II, returned to Switzerland from this country to claim his share of the money after his father’s death. He claims that he was gotten drunk or perhaps doped. When he regained consciousness the crypt had been robbed of the note verifying his parentage. Before his death, Johann Causer I had at least one child, Johann Clauser II.

XXI. Affair with Prince Alexander – Countess Salome Von Grafenreid   B 1730’s  BP Fraubrunnen, Switz  D 9 Mar 1786 (married to Count Johann Rudolf Von Grafenreid)

Child of love affair between Prince Alexander and Countess Salome

XXII. Johann Clauser I (Clauser adopted name)  B 9 Mar 1784  BP Grafenreid, Switz  D 30 Jan 1828 DP Grafenreid, Switz. Bur 2 Feb 1828 next to his birth mother Countess Salome Von Grafenried – Diesbach under the name of Johann Grafenried.Marr in Fraubrunnen Switz.

Wife of Johann Clauser I – Anna Junker  B 3 Feb 1785 BP Switz D 28 Jun 1860 DPL Switz

Children of Johann Clauser and Anna

XXIII. Johann Clauser II  B 1815 BP Grafenreid,Switz D 1890  DP Wood OH imm to U.S. 1852, settled near Scotchridge Burr TTC  Marr 1815 in Switz

Wife of Johann Clauser II– Anna Marie Kasermann Schmitz B 13 Oct 1805  BP Switz D 24 Aug 1879 DP Luckey OH

Children of Johann II and Anna Marie

XXIV. Elizabeth Clauser  B 1842  BP Fraubrunned, Switz. D 5 Dec 1921 DP Luckey Wood OH  imm to U. S. in 1852

Husband of Elizabeth – Samuel Jacobs  Marr Wood OH  B 21 Jul 1831  BP Switz.  D 10 Apr 1909  DP Luckey OH    *see below for photos and also Jacobs family tree 

XXIV. John Clauser III  B 08 Oct 1837  BP Switz. D 03 Dec 1900  DP Missouri  imm to U. S. in 1852

XXV. Children of John III and Catherine

A.Anna  Clauser B abt. 1869 BP OH

B.Frederick B abt. 1871  BP OH

C.Rudolph  B abt. 1872  BP OH

XXV. Children of John II and Barbra

D.Jacob Clauser B abt. 1874  BP OH

E.Louisa  Clauser B abt 1876  BP OH

F.Henry  Clauser B abt 1879  BP OH

G.Samuel Clauser B 29 Oct 1880  BP OH  D Dec 1969  DP Missouri

Wife of Samuel – Eustacia (Mauser)  B 27 Jan 1890 BP Missouri

D 21 Mar1973 DP Missouri mar 18 Nov 1906

XXVI.Children of Samuel and Eustacia

a.Paul B. Clauser B abt. 1908

b.Hazel M. Clauser B abt. 1909

c.Dorothy B Clauser B abt 1912

d.Gussie M Clauser B abt 1914

e.Virginia M. Clauser B abt 1918

f.Anna Lee Clauser B abt 1922

g.Betty Jean Clauser B 11 Dec 1925  BP Missouri D 7 Jul 2008  DP Ottawa, OH mar 21 Nov 1947

Husband of Betty Jean – James Stowe

Children of Betty and James

1.Bruce Stowe

2.Sam Stowe

3.Marry Stowe

4.Robert Paul Stowe (deceased)

H.George Clauser B abt 1885  BP OH

I.William Clauser B abt 1888 BP OH

J.Charles Clauser B abt 1891  BP Missouri

K.Owen G. Clauser B abt 1893  BP Missouri

L.Franklin  Clauser B abt 1895  BP Missouri


Elizabeth Clauser and Samuel Jacobs

Elizabeth (Clauser) Jacob and her daughters taken 21 Aug 1921

Standing; Carrie (Jacob) Layman, Mary (Jacob) Rothenbuhler (Mrs. J. Fred Rothenbuhler), Rose Jacob Helm, Amelis Jacob Layman, Emma Jacob Schmidt

Seated; Liz Jacob Fahle, Elizabeth Clauser Jacob and Sophie Jacob Rothenbuhler (Mrs. Fred R. Rothenbuhler)


J. Fred was the son of Christian Rothenbuhler, Fred R. was the son of John W. Rothenbuhler.



J. Fred and Mary (Jacob) Rothenbuhler Wedding Portrait 21 Jan 1891

Mary (Jacob) Rothenbuhler age 97 in July of 1969, with eight of her eleven children.

Seated: Minnie Broderson, Mary Rothenbuhler, Elmer

Standing: Carl, DeLores Koester, Violet Moon, Ethel Morris, Babe Berning and Herb

Missing from the picture are: Albert, Bill and Clarence—all deceased.

Carrie (Jacobs) Layman and Children

Front row: Mrs. Frank Shudel (Matilda B 1898), Mrs. Myerholtz (Anna 1894), Carrie Layman B 30 Sep 1870), Helen Fahle (B 2 Jan 1908), Mrs. Hamm Busdecker (Minnie B 1889). Back row: Ernest Layman (B 27 Nov 1913), Gotleib Layman (B 1897), Henry Layman (B 1891), Herman Layman (B 2 Jan 1908). Leo and Oscar missing.