Vol. 04 No. 02 Feb 2011

Presidents Letter Feb 2011

This winter will go down in history. I have only lived in Luckey for 30 years but his has really been a nasty one. For those of you out of the area…. We have had almost 3 feet of snow in the past month and we have had very little melting. Our flat landscape has become one pile of snow after another. One has to be very cautious when driving as you don’t know when your lane will disappear and you can’t see around corners for the snow piles block your view.

  Bad weather forces one to stay home and work on all of those projects that you have put off not doing as you would rather be outside. I have LHS scanning caught up and have been working on adding pictures to the Predmore family tree. I have even begun sewing on the quilt that I have been saving for a time when I can’t go outside and enjoy the world. Hope you all have taken to go through those family photos and make certain that they are labeled. If your photos are labeled, take some time to write down everything you can remember about your parents and grandparents or even you past. Your ancestors will love you for it.

   We have had a number of school year books donated to our society. We have the following: “The Forks 1923”, “The Forks vol. II, 1924,” “The Forks Vol. III, 1925,” “The Trojan” the following years; 1940, 1941, 1942,1943, 1945, 1946, and 1947. “The Forks are from Pemberville High School and “The Trojans” are from Troy Luckey High School. If you don’t have your own copies come in to the office and take some time to enjoy them. It was fun for me to put faces with names. I have not lived in Luckey long but recognize many names.

The remainder of the newsletter contained photos taken from “The Trojan”. Check the school portion of this web site to find school pictures.  over and out Sally