Vol. 05 No. 10 Oct 2012

Presidents Letter Oct 2012

People today are constantly being photographed. As I sit here typing, if I wish to enable it , there is a magic little dot on the front of my computer monitor that will photograph me as I type. Satellites are filming as they zoom across the sky. With the pressing of a screen I can video or snap a photo with my phone. When you go shopping or walk into just about any public building your activity is being recorded. I must admit that today I believe we have gone a little crazy with the camera stuff. Even when I was a child and much more when my parents were children, photographs were luxuries. Not everyone could afford a camera and those that could used them scarcely due to the cost of film and processing. Most often photographs were saved for special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, weddings, funerals and vacations. It is uncommon to find photographs of people working or kids playing. LHS is very fortunate to have in our collection a large number of photographs taken of everyday activities.

All photographs that follow are found in the LHS collection and are property of LHS.image001

I personally love this photograph…feed the cows, milk the cows, clean the stalls., feed the chickens, collect the eggs, clean the chicken coop.

Children of yesteryears had very few toys. My grandmother had a doll, a top and jacks. So my challenge for this month was to see if we had any photos of children at play in our collection. I found a number of photos of children at work. It seems children didn’t have so much time on their hands to “play”.  Of course they had school as children today have school, but in rural Luckey children had chores before and after school.



ABOVE; These children are shown with shiny new lunch pails for school. I can’t imagine the girl would have worn such a fancy hat to school. Maybe they are just showing off their new clothes as well as their shiny new pails. image011image013image015image017image021image023image025image027image029


The children above are sitting on a concrete foundation in front of a school. It looks like the foundation may be for a bridge to the very right of the photo. Does anyone recognize the school?

All photos were taken in the Luckey area. Hope you enjoyed them.

Next meeting;  Thursday October 18, 2012 at 6:30 in the Luckey Library.

Over and out                                     Sally