Vol. 06 No. 06 Jun 2013

Presidents Letter – June 2013                                       image002

Awe. It is green again in NW OH !

Enclosed with your letter you will find the Notable Persons of Troy Township Cemetery pamphlet. It has been much work. The most difficult part was locating the graves in the cemetery and getting the location on the map. As I searched the cemetery I realized that I had missed a few people on my list. Missing were Grace Wagoner who should have been on my military list and a number of early settlers. Now I would like your help in looking for errors. I have checked and double checked and triple checked and even taken photos of the tomb stones but I am sure that somewhere there is an error that I have missed – always seem to miss something.

Our next adventure is to compile a list of service men/women killed in action. I know we started a list. Going through the cemetery there seemed to be so many persons who would qualify as notable. I would like to recognize every one of them, however, that would be impossible. If there are people whom you believe we should also recognize, we can still add to our list. We also need to figure out how and where to place our pamphlets. One of the boxes that is placed in the yard of a home for sale would be great. I don’t know where you get them. Does anyone know a realtor who might have an extra one?

Next meeting Thursday June 20th at 6:30 in the Luckey Library. Hope to see you there.


Over and out,


The photos that I share with you are some of my favorites in our collection. They give us a taste of what it was like so many years ago. 

image006PHOTO ABOVE; The photos above and below were shared by Ardith Spahn. In the photo below we see (L. to Rt.) Hannah (Spahn) Carr, Ella Rhode, and Charles Carr. In the photo above we see Mary Ann Hahn Carr, Evan Carr and Hannah Carr. The home was located on Krotzer behind the Townhall. The home to the left rear in the bottom photo was the Robert Evans home. 


image008image010The photo above is property of LHS. The location of the home is somewhat of a mystery. It is believed the home was originally located on Locust street along the quarry (shown here) and was later moved to Devils Hole road. Can you see the outhouse peeking around the back? And OH, I love the chickens in the yard. I wish I could have free roaming chickens in my yard today.