Turn of the Century Photo Collection

This photo collection was shared by one of our members. The photographer captured many people doing everyday activities. The collection gives you a unique peek into the past. A truly wonderful collection.

I apologize for the lack of organization. I can tell by the shoes worn in the photos that some of these photos were taken much earlier than others. Most of the photos were taken in and around Luckey, OH. The family responsible for taking the photos lived on Main Street across from the Old Town Hall (still standing in 2014).

Enjoy, Sally

BM3 6904BM3 7001BM3 7002BM3 7003BM3 7004BM3 7101BM3 7102BM3 7304George & Carrie RolfesGeorge & Carrie Rolfes backBM3 6301BM3 6304BM3 6401BM3 6403BM3 6402BM3 6404BM3 6405BM3 6502BM3 6503BM3 6601BM3 6602BM3 6603BM3 6801BM3 6802BM3 6803BM3 6901BM3 6903

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