The Thelma Goetz Collection

All of the original photos in this collection are the property of Luckey Historical Society, Inc. Many of the photos in this collection have people and places identified. It is a work in progress. Those of you familiar with Luckey will recognize many of the buildings in the photos. Eventually I hope to have them labeled. 15GOETZ080608PC 1915 300

The above photo is looking east towards town. The building in the foreground is our TownHall which is still standing at the corner of Main (to the right) and Krotzer (to the left).  To the left of the photo you can see a church steeple. We have very few photos of this church. It was the first Methodist Church in town. Directly behind the church you see a school bell. This was the first school building in Luckey. 5732528 grab

This photo was taken before Main street in Luckey was paved. You are looking east on Main street to the Trolly Station. The Trolley station is still standing but it is a home. The building sits at the south end of the boulevard in Luckey. The trolley tracks ran north and south through the boulevard. Below is the same photo but I have not cropped the sky. 12goetz08220813goetz082208

This is the train depot that stood in downtown Luckey. It sat where the auto service station is currently located. It was west of the tracks and just south of Main street. 27goetz08220821goetz08220809goetz082208

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