Emmitt, Lawrence 1880 – 1952



Lawrence Emmitt was born Jan 18, 1880 in Webster Twp. Wood County, OH and died Jun 29, 1952. His parents were Perry Emmitt born Jun 18, 1854 in Erie Co., OH and Anna Maria Williamson born in February of 1860. Lawrence was the eldest of eight surviving children of Perry and Anna. Lawrence’s grandfather, Perry Grime Emmitt was a native of Lincolnshire, England immigrating to Quebec in 1844. After a return to England, Perry Grime Emmitt sailed to New York in 1849, finally settling into a successful agricultural career in Webster Township, Wood County, Ohio. Lawrence’s mother, Anna, was born in Butler County, Ohio to Conover Williamson, a native of New Jersey and his wife, Rebecca. The Williamson family arrived in Wood County in 1872.

The Emmitt family farm was located on Middleton Pike in Webster Township. Perry Emmitt purchased the original 40 acres in the southeast corner of Section 23 in 1876 from Daniel Cook. He eventually owned 120 acres of farmland in Sections 23 and 24.

As a young man, Lawrence left home for work as an inspector for the Lake Shore & Michigan southern Railway Co. The consolidated railway company was formed in 1869, providing service between Buffalo and Chicago, passing through Toledo, OH. In 1914, the railway merged again to become New York Central Railroad.

On December 6, 1905, Lawrence married Mabel Estella Miller. It is believed that Lawrence Emmitt had known Mabel Miller since childhood, as their family farms were just over a mile apart on Middleton Pike in Webster Township. Mabel was the second eldest child of Frederick and Eliza Miller, and was born March 20, 1885. Her grandfather, George Miller emigrated from Prussia prior to 1845. Her father, Frederick Miller purchased 44 acres of farmland in Wood County in 1882, successfully expanding his farm to over 180 acres. After his marriage to Mabel in 1905, Lawrence attended carpentry school in Toledo, Ohio to learn the trade. Some of Lawrence’s earliest work was his home and barn on Main Street in Luckey. Their home built in 1911 still stands today in 2013. Lawrence built most of the first homes on Main Street east of the railroad tracks as well as dozens of other homes in Luckey and the surrounding area. Lawrence also built many beautiful barns, outbuildings and additions in the area.

       Lawrence and Mabel had five children; Mildred Ann born Jan. 1, 1908 died Nov 30, 1999 (married Irvin T. Jacobs), Harold Lawrence born Nov 23, 1910 died Aug.3, 1994 (married Martha Virginia Kurfis) Zella Mabella born April 10, 1916 (died in childhood on December 31, 1916), Ruth Estella born March 31, 1918 (married Richard Edward Gill 27 May 1914 in Cuba NY) married 29 Nov 1941 in Gibsonburg, OH and Grace M. born January 1930, Grace as of Sep 2015 is still alive and well living in Perrysburg, OH (married Paul F. Baker born 9 Apr 1932, married July 10, 1954). 

FYI; A wonderful resource on Lawrence Emmitt titled “Searching for Lawrence Emmitt” by James Baker includes MANY old photographs of Emmitts work in and around Luckey as well as family photos. The book is available at the Luckey Library and also at “blurb.com”.  The entire book can now be seen as a preview at <<http://www.blurb.com/books/2309857-searching-for-lawrence-emmitt>>