Rothenbuhler (Rothenbuehler) Pioneers

         The sons of Hans Ulrich Rothenbuhler and Elisabeth Willi were born in Ruderswhyl on the Schwandi, Switzerland. Son, Jacob born in 1826 along with his wife Anna Lehmann and their children came to America from Switzerland on the ship Confederation. They arrived on April 23, 1855 after departing from Harve, France. Son, Christian born 1824 came to America with his wife, Anna Maria Rychiger. They arrived from Switzerland on May 19, 1857 on the ship Hemisphere. Son John William, the youngest was born in 1829. He also settled in our area. He chose to spell his name with an extra “e”, Rothenbuehler.  The eldest son, Johann, born in Jul. 5, 1822 is believed to have remained in Switzerland and died Oct. 15, 1900 in the Swiss village of Lauperswil. The Rothenbuhlers were some of the earliest settlers and pioneers in this area. John William and his wife Anna Barbara, Christian and his wife Mary A. (also Anna Maria) and Jacob with his wife Anna are all buried in Troy Township Cemetery.

   Jacob’s son Frederick (Fred) born Dec. 29, 1850 or 1851 in Switzerland married Sophia Christen, raised his family in Troy Township and also can be found buried in Troy Township Cemetery.

  •  Jacob Rothenbuhler B 20 Aug 1826 – D 25 Dec 1903 
  •     (his wife) Anna (Lehmann) B 26 Jul 1822 – D 26 Apr 1903 
  •  Christian Rothenbuhler B 24 Oct 1824 – D 24 Jun 1906  
  •    (his wife) Anna Maria (Rychiger) B 29 Oct 1834 – D 22 Feb 1908 
  • John W. Rothenbuehler B 20 Mar 1829 – D 5 May 1912  
  •   (his wife) Anna Barbara (Lehmann, Layman) B 28 Jul 1826 – D 20 Feb 1906  

Yes! Brothers Jacob and John W. both married Anna Lehmann. This was not the same person but possibly they were cousins.