Smith, G. W. 1838 – 1904

George W. Smith, a leading and prosperous farmer residing in section 28, Troy township, has witnessed almost the entire development of this region, as he was born in that township in 1837, and has always made his home there. His father, Daniel Smith, was a native of the eastern part of Pennsylvania, where he reared to manhood, and, on going to the western part of the State, there wedded Mary Mixter, by whom he had seven children, who in order of birth were as follow: Eliza died in Troy Township, in 1891; John makes his home there, now at the age of seventy-four years; Aaron is married, and lives in Webster Township, Wood County; and Mrs. Sarah Chamberlain, Mrs. Catherine Chamberlain, Mrs. Amanda Dennis, and George W.. Mrs. Amanda Dennis and George W. are all of Troy Township. In Pennsylvania, the father owned a small farm of twenty acres, which he operated in connection with work at the black smith’s trade; but in 1834 he came to Ohio and located in Troy township, Wood county, on a tract of government land. To clearing and improving his place he then devoted his time and attention, until his death, in 1848. His wife, who survived him several years, also died in Troy Township, on the old homestead, in 1863.

George W. Smith obtained such an education as the district schools of Troy Township afforded at that early date, and was reared on the home farm. Agriculture has been his life work, and he now owns a highly cultivated tract of 160 acres, which yield to him a ready return for the care and labor expended upon it. He is entirely independent of party lines in politics, his only criterion in such matters being whether any measure is for the benefit of the county in which he lives, or calculated to elevate society at large.


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