Vol. 02 No. 01 Jan 2009

Letter from the President, LHS               January 7, 2009


                  Things have been rather chaotic around home for the past couple of weeks. First Christmas and New Years, then right after New Years we saved a puppy from the Wood County Dog Warden. The puppy was wonderful for a day and a half. She then became ill with the deadly Parvo Virus. Those of you who have dogs know of the horror of the Parvo Virus. It seems to affect mostly the very young. It is very difficult to determine a prognosis. The puppy can be doing better one day and dead the next or can be knocking on deaths door and pull through. The disease develops very quickly. We are lucky that we caught Rosie (new puppy) very early on. She is still in the dog hospital after 4 days. She isn’t doing well today but we haven’t given up hope yet. Anyway, if you all can remember quarantines and sterilizing your house, that is basically what has been going on at our place between visits to the doggie hospital. Hopefully by the time this reaches you, my house will be sterilized and Rosie will be at home playing with the other dogs in our house. I hope that your festive season has been wonderful.

                  The next display at the LHS office is to be Limestone in Luckey. I have some geology information, rock displays and I am working on blowing up pictures that we have of the quarries. If you know of anyone who might have old quarry tools like picks or something, it would also be fun to display those.

                  At our December meeting we decided to have another afternoon tea. It is scheduled for Jan. 22, at 1:30. I need a volunteer to be in charge of opening the library for us.

                  Our Holiday Cookie Sale was a success. We made $107 and we were also given a private donation of $50 from Mayor Belinda Brooks. Out new balance is $1,382.95. This will be enough to cover our legal fees for incorporating and becoming recognized as nonprofit. We also have hired attorney Donald Simmons from Perrysburg. He is currently semiretired and very interested in historical preservation. He has helped other groups attain nonprofit status and procure funds. We were also surprise to find out that he worked with the Grovers here in Luckey.

                  The next sketch is complete and framed. It is the old trolley station here in Luckey with the electric trolley that visited Luckey. Thanks to Lloyd and Dale Fahle and Dick Otte for help in doing the research. The next picture that I want to do is the church next to the cemetery here in Luckey. Those of you who attend church, see if you can find me any old pictures of churches. I would like to sketch the other churches in town as well.

                  Donation this month – “Cake Decorating and Cookie Maker”, in the original box from Irma Meyer.

                  Hope to see you all next Thurs. This month our meeting is early as the third Thurs. is the 15th! 


Afternoon Tea – Jan. 22, 2009 @ 1:30  in the Luckey Library

Next meeting – Jan. 15, 2009 @ 6:30  in the Luckey Library

over and out 


Update on Rosie; She is home and doing much better.