Vol. 02 No. 03 Mar 2009

Presidents Letter March.2009


My, how time flies. I have been busy trying to get inside work done so that I will be ready to go outside and enjoy spring when the time comes. The Zion Methodist Church sketch is complete. The Lloyd Weddell booklet is complete, including corrections from the family. This booklet is much longer than the others but there is so much to tell about Lloyd Weddell. There is more information that I would like to include but already have 12 pages.

I am now collecting information on the following:

The Helm family, The Gardner family, Thelma Goetz and Luckey Churches

On Thursday, March 26th we have our next “tea”. It will be at 1:30 in the Luckey Library. Spread the word.

As always, continue to look for pictures to scan for our Picture Collection. Ruth was able to obtain a copy of the Ben Stone estate from the Wood County Courthouse. It is 15 pages long or I would send everyone a copy. There is information contained in the pages that I (and probably many of you) did not know. I have sent copies to Greg and Elizabeth Stone who also were surprised with some of the information. We will share the document with you at the meeting.

We need to investigate finding a secure place for storage of LHS owned original documents and pictures. One place that has been suggested to investigate is the “meat locker” at the Library. Are there any other suggestions?

We are making slow but steady progress with our nonprofit status. Fred Witzler has a preliminary copy of the Conflict of Interest Policy. Hopefully we can read through it this month, and set a date for ratification. Donald Simmons Attorney at Law may be able to attend our meeting this month.


Hope to see you –

Monthly Meeting Thurs., March. 19th 6:30 at the Library

Tea Thurs. March 26th 1:30 at the Library


Over and out