Vol. 02 No. 08 Aug 2009

President’s letter – August 2009

              August already. I forgot all about having a summer picnic. If this is August we are in count down mode for the fall festival.

The calendar is at the printers. I believe you will be pleased. This year it is photographs of Luckey from the early 1900’s. The picture titles and picture background information is on the same page as the photo, as so many people requested. We are selling advertisement to be located on one month at the cost of $25. I was afraid to set the cost much higher as businesses may not be able to afford much more. I did include in the letter a note that we are 501C approved and moneys above the $25 would be considered donation. Hopefully we will get a good response. I tried to send them to all of the businesses in Luckey. If I don’t hear from the businesses in Luckey I will try some of the businesses in Pemberville. I am really hoping we don’t have to do that. I prefer this be a Luckey calendar. I sent letters to the following; Slow Ride Saloon, The State Bank and Trust, CDC (consumer Driven Concepts), Color Wheel, Sadler And Assoc., R and J Auto Service, Luckey Oil, Bob’s Barbershop, Chad Allen Beauty Salon, Otte Plumbing, Bob’s Plumbing, Marsh Funeral Homes, Sarver and Son’s Construction, Meyer Electric, Luckey Truck and Auto Repair, Faith Methodist Church, Baptist Church, Zion Lutheran Church, Zion United Methodist Church and Grace Lutheran Church. I cannot find any listing for Ernsthausen Painting. Does anyone know if they are still in business? Is anyone aware of any other businesses in Luckey that I may have missed? Please bring mailing information for any other businesses to the meeting or give me a call.

       I have the space reserved for our “garage – flea sale”. I am hoping that everyone is busy cleaning out their closets looking for donations and have asked all of their friends and relatives to do so as well. The more stuff we have, the more money we will make. The games for the little ones are still in debate by the festival committee. If we get permission, I have a duck pond, bowling alley, golf holes, corn holes, and ring toss in the planning stages. I have most of the materials that we need but won’t work any more on the project until I get word from the festival committee.

       I have received more pictures from Frieda Ruswinkle’s daughter. Before the fall festival I need to update her booklet. I am considering asking for a 25-cent donation for the booklets to cover printing costs. We will decide this at the next meeting. We also need to decide how many calendars to order.

       On the back is a “taste” of our calendar. The calendar will be in color, as the pictures show better with a little color. The pictures for each month are full page.

Hope to see you at our Aug. meeting.


August Business Meeting – Thursday Aug. 20th, 6:30 in the Luckey Library

August Tea – Thursday Aug. 27th, 1:30 in the Luckey Library


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