Vol. 02 No. 11 Nov 2009

Letter from your President, Nov. 2009,

My how time flies when your having fun. It is difficult to believe that Thanksgiving is only 11 days away and Christmas after that. It is especially difficult to believe when I spent several days this week outside wearing summer shorts and shirt.

Our treasury is slowly being built up again. Remember your dues are due. I picked up our second order of calendars. We bought another 25. Ask your friends and relatives if they are interested in purchasing a calendar. We make  $5.75 on each calendar.  This is an easy way to earn money. If you need more calendars there are some for sale at the bank, some for sale at Otte’s, or you can call me at home at 419-833-5561. I will also bring extras to the meeting. At the end of October we had $1400 in the treasury.

Dave Derr is working with Zach Sarver trying to get some kind of estimation of the work that needs to be done on the town hall. Our next step will be to find the money for the project.

On  Sat. Dec. 5th we will be having a bake sale at the bank in downtown Luckey. I will have more information at the meeting. We will need people to make bake goods, people to work and people to buy the goodies. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I have been working on updating the LHS web site. I have more family trees posted and more of the old pictures that we have collected. I have been working on the Juergens family tree, the Layman family tree and the Jacobs family tree.

Betty Meyer has loaned us some beautiful antiques from the ladies laundry room. If you have any antique items related to the duties of the housewife we would like to borrow them for the display window at Otte’s plumbing. Please bring the items to the meeting or give me a call about making arrangements.

No afternoon tea this month because of Thanksgiving.                           Over and out,

Meeting Thurs. Nov. 19 at 6:30 in the Luckey Library.

Bake Sale Dec. 5th                                                                        Sally Predmore, LHS Presidentsouth east main fire copy“After the fire”, photo property of Hannah Spahn

$30,000 Blaze In Luckey, OH  Ruins Stores Jan 9, 1940

A $30,000 blaze raged for four hours and destroyed three stores and damaged two others in the center of the business district of Luckey on January 9, 1940. The fire was discovered by Elmer and Bernice Jacobs at 12:30 A. M. Elmer said his two story building was filled with smoke and flames were leaping from the one story Claus building. Lost were the Claus Hardware Store, the Claus Shoe Store, Jacobs Meat Market, the apartment above and the equipment of the beauty shop operated by Bernice Jacobs. The Troy Township Trustees records between the years 1896 and 1940 were lost in the fire. Raymond Claus was the clerk at that time and the records were stored in the Claus store. 

Goodell's hardwareSaunt Goodell’s Hardware & Luckey Post Office (front right)  Located in current Meyers electric  Photo property of Hannah Spahn