I. Ernest Henry Moenter BP Hanover Germany
+ Anna Maria Elizabeth Hebler BP Hanover Germany
Children of Ernest and Anna Maria
II. John Henry Moenter B Jan 1837 BP Hanover Germany D 3 Jan 1907 DP OH
+ Anna M. unknown B abt 1841 BP Prussia D after 1870 DP OH
Children of John Henry and Anna
III. Anna K. Menter B Sep 1866 BP OH D Feb 1935 single
III. Catherine Moenter B abt 1868 BP OH D aft 1880
+ + Mary Elizabeth Scheirmeyer B Oct 1847 BP Hanover Germany D 22 Apr 1940 DP Pemberville, Wood, OH
Children of John Henry and Mary Elizabeth
III. Henry W. Moenter B Apr 1871 BP Wood OH D 30 Jun 1956 DP Pemberville OH
+ Anna M. C. Ernsthausen B Jan 1873 BP OH mar abt 1897
Children of Henry W. and Anna M.
IV. Luetta M. Moenter B 1 Mar 1898 BP OH D 1 Aug 1991 DP Pemberville OH
+ Walter Ashman B 10 Jan 1898 mar 24 Aug 1921
IV. Mabel I. Moenter B 6 Apr 1903 BP Freedom Wood OH D 6 Mar 1980
DP Pemberville OH
+ Norman Sieving B 1901 or 02 BP Freedom Wood OH
IV. Paul C. Moenter B 11 May 1907 BP Freedom Wood OH D 1 Sep 1992
DP Pemberville OH
+ Marian L. Schwartz B 28 Mar 1913 BP Hessville Sandusky OH D 25 Apr 1991 DP Maumee, Lucas, OH mar 6 Mar 1943
IV. Irene Moenter B 1908 BP Freedom Wood OH D aft 1919
III. Caroline “Carrie” Moenter B Nov 1872 BP Wood OH D May 1956
+ Fred Restemyer B Sep 1874 BP OH
Children of Caroline and Fred
IV. Clarence H. Restemyer B 25 Jul 1903 BP Wood OH D 24 Feb 1975
DP Oregon OH
+ Edna A. Ernsthausen B 27 Mar 1910 BP Wood OH mar 28 May 1947
IV. Richard F. Restemeyer B 31 Dec 1910 BP Wood OH D 20 Sep 1979
DP Pemberville OH
+ Naomi Gingrich B 1912 or 13
Children of Richard and Naomi
V. Max R. Restemeyer B 6 Sep 1936 BP OH D 12 Jan 1997 DP Woodville OH
+ unknown Rieman
Children of Max and unknown
VI. Timothy Lee Restemeyer B 1956
+ + Gladys Lucas B 2 Aug 1903 mar 8 Nov 1975 D 5 Nov 1987 DP Gibsonburg OH

III. Mary L. Moenter B May 1876 BP Wood OH D aft 1919
III. Frederick J. Moenter B Sep 1878 BP Pemberville Wood OH D Feb 1952
+ Clara Sloman B 1886 –87 Bp OH mar 1904 or 5
III. Julia K. Moenter B May 1881 or 1887 BP Pemberville OH D aft 1919
III. Dora K. Moenter B 4 Dec 1884 BP Pemberville OH D 16 Apr 1980 DP Luckey OH
+ William J. Fahle B 1882 BP Wood OH mar 1 Nov 1911
Children of Dora and William
IV. Victor F. Fahle B 20 Jan 1913 DP Wood OH D 7 Feb 1999 DP Bowling Green OH
+ Maude R. Roller B 19 Aug 1918 mar 15 Jun 1947 D 23 Feb 1997 DP Toledo OH
II. Frederick Moenter B May 1839 BP Hanover Germany D aft 1900
+ Mary Margarite Sherman B Oct 1846- 48 BP OH D aft 1900
Children of Frederick and Mary
III. Henry C. Moenter B 20 Apr 1867 BP Pemberville OH D 28 Feb 1946 DP Toledo OH
III. John Moenter B abt 1869 BP OH
III. Louis Henry Menter B 18 Sep 1871 BP OH D 7 Nov 1919 DP Pemberville OH
bur Long Cem Pemberville OH
+ Anna Siek B Dec 1872 BP Germany D Nov 1904
Children of Louis Henry and Anna
IV. Norman A. Moenter B Dec 1897 BP OH D 27 ct 1989 DP Columbus OH
+ Phoebe Hl Gluth B 1 Jan 1896 Bp OH mar 1924
IV. Harley H. Moenter B Feb 1900 BP Freedom Wood OH D 25 Mar 1958
DP Pemberville OH
+ Esther W. Martin B 23 Mar 1900 mar 25 Dec 1925
IV. Clarence W. Moenter B 19 Feb 1902 BP Freedom Wood OH D Oct 1982 DP
Pemberville OH
+ Emma B. Roberts B 17 Aug 1903 D 1 Mar 1983 DP Bowling Green OH
IV. Irvin H Moenter B 1904 BP Freedom Wood OH
+ Vondale C. Kohring B 5 Apr 1908 D 30 mar 2002 DP Pemberville OH
+ + Mollie Brinker B 21 Apr 1867 BP Cleveland OH
Children of Louis and Mollie
IV. Ruth Hovis Moenter B 15 Dec 1906 BP Freedom Wood OH D Oct 1982
DP Macomb MI
III. Caroline Moenter B abt 1879 BP Freedom OH
III. Harmon W. Moenter B Sep 1880 BP Freedom OH D Jul 1911
III. Frederick H. Moenter B Feb 1882 BP Freedom OH
III. Katherine Moenter B Aug 1885 BP Freedom OH
III. Edward H. Moenter B Aug 1886 BP Freedom OH
III. William H. Moenter B Nov 1888 BP Freedom OH
III. Eda M. Moenter B Mar 1892 BP Freedom OH
II. Herman Frederick Moenter B Mar 1842 BP Hanover Germany D 13 Mar 1919 DP Wood OH
+ Kathrine Caroline Weissman B abt 1847 BP Germany (Prussia)
Children of Herman and Kathrine
III. Anna Moenter B abt 1873 BP Wood OH
III. Henry Frederick Moenter B abt 1875 BP Wood OH D 2 Mar 1933 DP OH
+ Emma Elizabeth Sherman B 17 May 1877 BP Pemberville Wood OH
Children of Henry and Emma
IV. Agnes Marie Moenter B 16 Sep 1907 BP Pemberville Wood OH D 31 Oct 1981 DP Fremont Memorial Hsp. Fremont Sandusky OH bur West Union Cem. Gibsonburg Sandusky OH
+ Clayton Henry Gerwin B 30 Mar 1910 BP Woodville Sandusky OH mar 17 Oct 1941 in Pemberville Wood OH D 15 Aug 1978 DP Gibsonburg Sandusky OH bur West Union Cem. Gibsonburg Sandusky OH
IV. Richard L. Moenter B 9 Apr 1912 BP Wood OH D 2 Jun 1991
III. Willliam John Moenter B Mar 1876 BP Wood OH D 13 Feb 1959 DP Gibsonburg Sandusky OH bur West Union Cem Gibsonburg Sandusky OH
+ Helena Clara Sherman B 26 Sep 1886 BP OH mar 15 Apr 1909 D 31 Mar 1981 DP Toledo Lucas OH bur West Union Cem. Gibsonburg Sandusky OH
Children of William and Helena
IV. Milton F. Moenter B 10 Apr 1910 BP Webster Wood OH d 4 May 1976 DP Oregon Lucas OH bur West Union Cem. Gibsonburg Sandusky OH last residence Gibsonburg Sandusky OH
IV. Rachael Moenter
IV. Corinne M. Sanders Moenter B 9 Nov 1915 D Aug 1986 DP FL
IV. Oma Moenter
IV. Herman H. Moenter B 2 Feb 1920 BP Woodville Sandusky OH D 18 Jan 1984
DP Woodville Sandusky OH
+ Eloise Radeloff B 8 Aug 1919 BP Woodville Sandusky OH d 17 Mar 2004 DP Hospice of NW OH Perrysburg Wod Oh bur Westwood Cem. Woodville Sandusky OH
IV. Elmer William Moenter B 15 Sep 1926 BP Woodville Sandusky OH D 23 Feb 2006 DP Oregon Lucas OH bur Restlawn Memorial Park Troy Twp. Wood OH WWII Army Vet
+ Evelyn Ina Wargowsky b 14 Nov 1928 BP Oak Harbor Ottawa OH
IV. Glenn H. Moenter b abt 1928 BP Woodville Sandusky OH
III. Florence K. Moenter B 1877 or 1878 BP Pemberville OH D 18 Mar 1961 DP Fremont Sandusky OH
+ Herman Fahle B 1875 or 1876 D 18 May 1957 DP Fremont Sandusky OH
Children of Florence and Herman
IV. Amelia K. Fahle b 1913 or 14 BP OH D 5 Apr 1965 DP Fremont Sandusky OH
+ Willard F. Fiebelkorn B 28 mar 1909 BP Genoa Ottawa OH D 26 Sep 2002 DP Bowling Green Wood OH last residence Luckey OH
III. Julia C. Moenter B Jun 1882 BP Wood OH D Jan 1964
+ Henry C. Schade B 13 Fe 1889 BP Gibsonburg Sandusky OH D 3 Apr 1971 DP Pemberville, Wood,  OH
III. Mary Moenter B Mar 1885 BP Wood OH
III. Margaret “Maggie” Moenter B Nov 1886 BP Wood OH D aft 1930
+ Otto E. Hamen B abt 1883
Children of Margaret and Otto
IV. Norman E. Hamen B 17 Feb 1913
IV Luther H. Hamen B 15 Oct 1914
IV. Lowell W. Hamen B 7 Jan 1917
IV. Ralph C. Hamen B 10 Dec 1918
IV. Clarence William Hamen B 12 Dec 1920
IV. unknown Hamen
III. Carl F. Moenter B 23 Mar 1889 BP Troy Wood OH D 23 Oct 1966
+ Carrie Welling B Sep 1889 BP Wood OH D 12 Nov 1957 DP Luckey Wood OH mar 18 May 1911
Children of Carl and Carrie
IV. Winifred A. Moenter B abt 1915 D 30 Mar 2001 DP Oregon Lucas OH resident Luckey, OH
+ Adelbert “Pete” Nehls B abt 1908 mar 2 Apr 1937 D 13 Aug 1990 DP Toledo, Lucas OH, resident of Luckey OH
IV. Maria E. Moenter B abt 1917
IV. Luther Moenter B abt 1922
+ Elaine E. Oestreich [daughter of Walter & Hilda Oestreich)B 30 Oct, 1931 D 15 Nov 2012 marr 21 May 1955

Children of Luther and Elaine

  • V. Tom Moenter (wife Pam) of Columbus, OH
  • V. Mary Moenter (husband Ken Thompson) of Cininnati, OH
  • V. Mike Moenter (wife Judy) of Pemberville, OH

IV. Eloise Moenter B abt 1924
+ unknown Bostdorff
IV. Marvin M. Moenter B 14 Jun 1925 D 30 Apr 2012 [called to service November 1943 where he served in the U.S. Army with the 398th Battalion serving in France and Germany under General Patton and was released from service on April, 1946.] marr 14 Nov 1953

+ Florence C. Radeloff

Children of Marvin and Florence

V. Kent M. Moenter (wife Angela) of Akron, OH

II. William Fredrich Moenter B 27 Jan 1849 BP Troy Wood OH D 14 Jan 1937
DP Troy OH bur Long cem. Pemberville OH
+ Mary “Hattie” Haar B 24 Feb 1853 BP Hanover Germany D 11 Apr 1935 DP Troy Wood OH bur Long Cem. Pemberville OH
III. Anna M. Moenter B Jul 1872 BP OH D 19 Jun 1960 DP Gibsonburg Sandusky OH
+ Henry E. Ernsthausen B Aug 1872 BP Freedom Wood OH mar 1894 or 1895
Children of Anna and Henry
IV Ervin H. Ernsthausen B 8 Oct 1896 BP Freedom Wood OH D 5 Jan 1980 DP Gibsonburg Sandusky OH
+ Ida M. Borcherding B 4 Aug 1896 D 11 may 1982 DP Gibsonburg Sandusky OH
III. Minnie Moenter B Nov 1876 BP OH D 22 Nov 1956 DP Woodville Sandusky OH
+ Henry H. Blausey B Dec 1871 BP Woodville Sandusky OH D 6 mar 1951 DP OH
Children of Minnie and Henry
IV. Ernest F. Blausey B 13 Jan 1902 BP Woodville Sandusky OH D 2 Mar 1993 DP
Hendersonville Henderson NC
IV. Leonard W. Blausey B 14 Oct 1906 BP OH D 1 Aug 1988 DP Woodville Sandusky
+ Esther L. Specht B 13 May 1915 BP Freedom Wood OH mar 14 Oct 1938 in
Pemberville Wood OH D 23 Jan 2001 DP Genoa Retirement Village bur Eisenhour
Cem. Pemberville OH
III. Mary Moenter B abt 1879 BP Troy Wood OH
III. Louisa Moenter B 25 Oct 1880 BP Troy Wood OH
+ Charles F. Witker B 4 Sep 1881 BP Troy Wood OH mar 18 May 1905 in Wood OH
III. William F. Moenter B Aug 1882 BP Troy Wood OH D 20 Feb 1933 DP Toledo Lucas
+ Edith C. Bockbrader B 17 May 1885 BP Wood OH D 23 mar 1982 DP Wood OH
Children of William and Edith
IV. Mildred M. Moenter B 9 Feb 1911 BP Wood OH D 22 Dec 1990 DP Pemberville
Wood OH
+ Arnold L. Sielschott B 1 Sep 1906 BP OH D 29 Jan 1986 DP Bowling Green Wood OH, last residence Pemberville OH
IV. Willis F. Moenter B 30 Sep 1923 BP Pemberville Wood OH D 10 May 2001
DP Medical College of OH Toledo Lucas OH bur TTC WWII U. S. Army vet
+ Eleanore E. Obermyer B 25 Aug 1927 D 13 Jul 1999 mar 25 Oct 1947 in Pemberville OH
Children of Willis and Eleanore
V. Elaine Moenter
V. Ronald Moenter
V. Merlin Moenter
V. Gary Moenter
III. Sophia L. Moenter B Oct 1883 BP Troy Wood OH D 14 Sep 1948 DP Pemberville Wood OH
+ John Henry “Hank” Sander B 27 May 1881 BP Troy Wood OH mar 31 May 1906 in Pemberville Wood OH D 20 Jul 1974 DP Pemberville Wood OH
Children of Sophia and John
IV. Edna Sander B 28 Jun 1906 BP OH
IV. Laverne or Anverna Sander B 1911 or 1912 in Wood OH
IV. unknown Sander
III. Caroline “Carrie” Moenter B Mar 1888 BP Troy Wood OH D 1 Aug 1969 DP Bowling Green
Wood OH
+ Frank Abke B 9 Apr 1886 D 15 May 1971 DP Bowling Green Wood OH last resident of Pemberville Wood OH
Children of Caroline and Frank
IV. Matilda M. Abke b 16 Dec 1907 BP OH D Aug 1979 DP Genoa Ottawa OH
+ Louis H. Hurrelbrink B 19 Jul 1905 mar 7 Sep 1933
IV. Willard William “Flatbottom” Abke B 28 Apr 1912 BP OH D 27 Aug 1989 DP Bowling Green Wood OH last residence Pemberville Wood OH
+ Mildred “Mildew” Davidter B 1 Jul 1914 BP Toledo Lucas OH mar 28 Nov 1935 in Toledo Lucas OH
IV. Naomi W. Abke B 6 Oct 1921 D 30 Aug 2001 DP Pemberville Wood OH
+ unknown Restemeyer
IV. unknown Abke
III. Helen A. Moenter B 28 May 1892 BP Troy Wood OH D 15 Apr 1979 DP Perrysburg Wood OH
+ Carl H. Wegman B 24 Nov 1888 BP OH mar 10 Apr 1913 D 23 Feb 1975 DP Perrysburg Wood OH
Children of Helen and Carl
IV. Paul Herman Wegman B 1915 BP Wood OH D Jun 1920 DP Woodville Sandusky OH
IV. unknown Wegman

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