Bockbrader family tree

Quote from Bockbrader family reunion book, 1976;  “We do not have complete authentic records and dates preceding the time of Frederick and Mary (Neuhuser) Bockbreder’s coming to the U.S. in 1844. We have an understanding our family began in France, moved to Switzerland and then moved to Germany in the 1700’s. At this time their name was Moyer. Since there were many Moyers in this area of Germany, it became difficult to distinguish one from another as many used the same first name. Our forefather’s family lived on a large farm with many birch trees. So the Bock or Bok came from birch; and the farm being wider (or broader, in German) than other farms in this area is where the breder came from. Thereafter they were known as Bockbreder or Bokbreder.”

Note from Marie Atchley RE above;  “Eventually, the name was again changed to Bockbrader. The book explains the area of the homestead east of Osnabruck near a small town by the name of Buer. When the family moved to the states, they settled in the Pemberville, Ohio area.

Frederick Bockbrader was born 1806 in Germany, and died 1871 in Ohio. He married Mary Neuhuser in Germany. Frederick’s oldest brother was Ernest who was born in 1797, and married Catherine E. Marten. Ernest lived with Catherine and her parents in Germany, and tradition caused Ernest to take the name Marten.”

Bockbrader/Bockbreders in Germany

Johann Freidrick Bockbreder B abt 1769 D 18 Dec 1843 BP &DP Buer, Gelsenkirchen, Nordrhien-Westfalen Germany, marr 9 Jun 1797 in Lutheran Church buer Germany, occ Farmer age 40 in 1809

+ Clara Maria Schroder  B 21 Jul 1776 BP Markendorf, Frankfurt/Oder, Brandenburg, Germany D 20 Feb 1834 DP Buer, Gelsenkirchen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Children of Johann and Clara

II. Johann Henrich Bockbreder/Bockbrader B 9 Jul 1797 BP Buer Germany Bap 14 Jul 1797 Lutheran Church Buer Germany, Godfather Jost. Henry Schroder [Johann did not immigrate to the U.S. but some of his descendants do.]

II. Clare Elisabeth Bockbreder  (married name Martin) B 20 Aug 1799 Bap 25 Aug 1799 Lutheran Church Buer Germany, God mother Anna Ilsabel Schroder

II Marie Elizabeth Bockbreder  B 8 Oct 1803 Bap 16 Oct 1803, God mother Mar. Elizabeth Hamberger

II. Johann Friedrich Bockbreder/Bockbrader  B 28 Apr 1806 BP Meesdorf, Buer, Gelsenkirchen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany Bap 4 May 1806 Lutheran Church, Buer Germany, Godfather J. Casper Herbert D 13 May 1871 DP Troy Wood OH marr 14 Oct 1835 Lutheran Church, Buer Germany

+ Clara Maria/ Mary Nienhuser/ Neuhuser  B 16 Jul 1813 BP Buingdorf Osnabruck Niedersachen Germany D 1884 DP Troy Township, Wood Co., OH 


I. Johann Friedrich Bockbrader [listed above] B 28 Apr 1806  BP Meesdorf, Buer, Amt Groneberg Hannover, Germany  D 13 May 1871  DP Freedom Wood OH bur Salem Lutheran Church Cem. Bradner Rd. Troy Wood OH  imm to US 1844

+ Clara Maria (Mary) Neuhuser (Nieenhauser) B 11 Jul 1813  BP Buer Germany  D 10 Dec 1884 DP Freedom Wood OH OH bur Salem Lutheran Church Cem Bradner Rd. Troy Wood OH mar 1835 in Buer Hannover Germany imm to US 1844

Children of Johann and Clara Maria

II. Mary Elizabeth Bockbrader  B 25 Oct 1837 BP Buer Germany  D 21 Jan 1927 DP Freedom Wood OH

+ John Henry Baker  B 23 Oct 1835  BP Hanover Germany  mar 25 Oct 1860  D 6 Jun 1918

II. Florentina Maria Katherina Bockbrader  B 22 Aug 1840  BP Osnabruck Kirspiel Baden Hanover Germany  D 14 Dec 1918  DP Pemberville Wood OH

+ John Henry (Johann Heinrich) Schuermann  B 25 Feb 1839 BP Harrinhausen Aren Horst Germany  marr 19 Jan 1867 in Salem Lutheran Pemberville OH  D 8 Mar 1870 DP Pemberville Freedom Wood OH

II. Clara Eliza Bockbrader  B 23 Dec 1842  BP Hanover Germany  D 13 Jan 1937  DP Elmore Ottawa OH

+ Johann Casper Heinrich Myers (Strahsenmeyer)  B 26 Sep 1844  BP Buffalo Erie NY mar 26 Apr 1866 in St. John United Church of Christ in Elmore OH  D 8 Oct 1927 DP Washington Sandusky OH

II. Hermann Friedrich Bockbrader  B 10 Oct 1846  BP Troy Wood OH  D 23 June 1908

+ Louise Carolyn Dierker  B 4 Apr 1847  BP Kirchspiel Essen Hannover Germany D 28 May 1938

Children of Herman and Lousie

III. Henry Bockbrader  B 24 Aug 1877  BP Toledo OH  D Nov 1958

+ Amelia Miller  B 15 Mar 1880  BP Luckey OH  marr 2 Mar 1905 in Wood OH

Children of Henry and Amelia

IV. Luella Caroline Bockbrader  B 30 Aug 1908  BP Moline Wood OH  D 2 Apr 2003

+ Rudolph Herman Witt  B 26 Apr 1900  BP Benton Ottawa OH  marr 14 Apr 1934

IV. Henry Bockbrader

IV. Elsie Brockbrader

IV. Mabel Brockbrader

IV. Norman George B 22 Jan 1912 BP OH  D 7 Mar 1989  DP Walbridge Lake  OH

II. Johann Henry Bockbrader  B 22 Nov 1849 BP (Route 105) Pemberville Rd. Freedom Wood OH  D 1 Aug 1920  DP Freedom Wood OH

+  Anna Marie Engel Niemann B 25 Oct 1850  BP Troy Wood OH  marr 13 May 1875 in Salem Troy Wood OH  D 4 Sep 1929 DP Freedom Wood OH

Children of Johann Henry and Anna Marie

III. Edward Brockbrader

III. Carry Brockbrader  B 1886

III. Carl J. Brockbrader  B Oct 1888 BP Freedom Wood OH

III. Sofie Brockbrader

III. Henry Herman Brockbrader  B Oct 1878  BP Freedom Wood OH

+ Anna M. Bockbrader  B 1879

Children of Henry and Anna

IV. Henry C. Bockbrader  B 1904

IV. Josephine T. Bockbrader

III. Frederick John Brockbrader  B 23 Feb 1876  BP Pemberville Freedom Wood OH

D 21 Mar 1962  DP Pemberville

+ Mary Stein Ross B 24 Jul 1886 Loudenville OH BP Toledo Lucas OH D 5 Aug 1915

Children of Frederick and Mary

IV. Paul Fred Brockbrader  B 25 Dec 1913  D 2000

IV. Eunice Pearl (Marie)  B 5 Aug 1915  BP Toledo  D 3 Mar 1937  DP Toledo

+ Robert James Lautzenheiser Sr. B 27 Feb 1913  Bp Maumee OH  mar 18 Mar 1935 in Toledo OH  D 14 Dec 1982  DP Phoenix Az

III. Henry J. Bockbrader  B 1878 or 1879  BP Freedom Wood OH  D aft 1930

+ Dora ? B abt 1889

Children of Henry J. and Dora

IV. Lauretta W.  Bockbrader  B 3 Jun 1907  BP OH  D Dec 1981  DP Toledo Lucas OH

+ Henry L. Morse  B 31 Dec 1907  D Nov 1982  DP Toledo Lucas OH

IV. Lowell W.  Bockbrader  B 1909  BP OH  D aft 1930

+ Lois L. Steebel  B 16 Oct 1913   D 6 Oct 2000  DP Bowling Green Wood OH

IV. Romayne A. Bockbrader  B 1911 BP OH  D 1911 DP OH

IV. Irma E. Bockbrader  B 19 Sep 1912  BP OH  D Apr 1979  DP Pemberville Freedom OH

+ Milton C. Ninke  B 28 Jul 1912  D 16 Dec 1993  DP Pemberville Freedom Wood OH

IV. Kenneth W. Bockbrader  B 19 Jun 1916  BP OH  D Mar 1975

IV. Wayne C. Bockbrader  B 24 Sep 1918  BP OH  D 3 Apr 2003  BP Bowling GreenOH

IV. Clayton W. Bockbrader  B 29 Dec 1920  BP Wood OH  D 27 Jan 2001 DP Bowling Green OH

II. Johann Heinrich (John Henry) Bockbrader  B 2 Mar 1853 BP (Route 105) Pemberville Rd.  Freedom Wood OH  D 3 May 1915  DP Center Wood OH

+ Anna Maria Elisabeth Doepker  B 18 Jan 1858  BP Woodville Sandusky OH D 25 May 1919 DP Center Wood OH marr 30 May 1877

droppedImage Johann Brockbrader and wife Anna Marie Doepker

Children of John Henry and Anna

III. Anna Bockbrader B 16 Apr 1878 BP Pemberville OH D  23 Mar 1913

+ Frederick William Hacker  B 11 Dec 1869 D 10 Oct 1940

droppedImage photo; Anna Marie (Bockbrader) Hacker 1878 – 1913

Children of Anna and Frederick

IV. Marie Anna Hacker  B 30 Dec 1898 D 6 Dec 1976

+ William Miller B 1 Aug 1890 D 12 Aug 1962

Children of Marie and William

V. Ruth Anna Miller B 1918 D 1996

V. Viola Emma Miller B 1920 D 1982

V. Fred Carl Miller B 1922 D 1997

IV. Mary Esther Hacker  B 30 Dec 1905 BP Wood Co., OH D 7 Dec 1996, DP Sandusky, OH

+ Eldon (Mike) Henry Kuhlman  B 1905  D 1986

IV. Verna Marie Hacker  B 23 May 1908 BP Wood OH D 14 Dec 1996

+ Herbert Henry Martin B 27 Jan 1903 D 20 Aug 1979

IV. Mildred Dora Hacker  B 16 Jul 1911 D 16 Jul 1928

+ Shell Swihart

droppedImage_3 photo; Mildred Hacker on the right

droppedImage_5 Fred H. Bockbrader 18801968

III. Frederick Henry Bockbrader B 4 Jul 1880 BP Pemberville, OH  D 6 Jun 1968 Dunbridge, Wood, OH

+ Mary Catherine Stein  B 24 Jul 1886  BP OH D 22 Dec 1955

Children of Frederick and Mary

IV.  female Bockbrader

IV. Norman John Bockbrader  B 1909 D 1989

IV. Clarence Frederick Bockbrader  B 1910 D 1995

IV. Arnold Henry Bockbrader  B 1917  D 2003

IV. Melvin George Bockbrader  B 1926 D 2002

droppedImage_1 droppedImage_2photos Gust Bockbrader

III. August Herman “Gust” Bockbrader B Nov 1882 BP Sandusky OH

+ Mary Westerhouse  B 22 Jan 1885  BP Wood OH D 15 Sep 1963

Children of August and Mary

IV. Norman Bockbrader B 1905 D 1905

droppedImage_3Dorothy Julia Bockbrader  1908 – 1967

IV. Dorothy Julia Bockbrader B 25 Jul 1908  D Aug 1987 DP Maumee

+ William Perry B 1900  D 1967

++ Paul Edwards  B 1920  D 1981

IV. Leila Anna Bockbrader B 1910  D 1911

IV. Edna Bockbrader B 1911  D 4 Nov 1960  DP Toledo OH

+ Harvery C. Weidner  B 18 Jun 1896 D 1992

IV. Milton Bockbrader B 1913 or 14

+ Opal M. Turley  B 28 Jan 1909  BP Perry Wood

IV. Donald Bockbrader  B 12 Jun 1916  D 5 Mar 2006  DP Bowling Green Wood OH

+ unknown Long

IV. Ruth Alice Bockbrader  B 1918 BP Woodville, Sandusky, OH  D 2 Jul 1999  DP Bowling Green, OH

+ James Franklin Dauterman  B 1911  D 1967

IV. Deloris Emma Bockbrader B 7 Jul 1921 D 17 Jul 1985  DP Medford, Jackson Co., Oregon

+Paul William Fullmer B 1916  D 1997

IV. Viola Esther Bockbrader  B 23 Jul 1923  D 29 Dec 1928  DP Wood Co., OH

III. William H. Bockbrader B Apr 1885  BP OH

+ Julia L. Bockbrader  B 1895

III. Henry Bockbrader  B 1888

III. Dora Hana Clara Bockbrader  B 29 Mar 1890  D 3 Mar 1976

+ Samual H. Snyder  B 18 Jul 1888  D 4 Jul 1930

Children of Dora and Samual

IV. Alfred Deloy Snyder  B 23 Nov 1915  BP Center twp. Wood OH (LeLoy was the name of Samuel’s brother ) D 16 Apr 1921

IV. Wilbur August Snyder  B 23 Dec 1916 D 28 Apr 1976

IV. Otto D. W. Snyder  B 1919

IV. Lavern A. M. Snyder  B 1921

IV. Ada A. M. Snyder B 1924

IV. Irma Snyder B 10 Nov 1926

+ Lloyd Meyrer

IV. Lewis S. Snyder  B 1929

III. John H. Bockbrader B Apr 1892 BP OH

III. Lewis H. Bockbrader B Oct 1894  BP OH

III. Carl W. Bockbrader  B Feb 1897  BP Center Wood OH

II.William F. Bockbrader  B 24 Apr 1856  BP OH  D 19 Sep 1940

+ Louise Wilhemina (“Minnie”) Borcherding  B 12 Aug 1859  BP OH  D 3 Jun 1950 DP Pemberville Freedom OH

Children of William and Louise

III. Henry Herman  Bockbrader B Oct 1878  BP Pemberville OH

+ Mary I. Fahle  B Jan 1887  BP OH

III. Carrie Bockbrader  B 4 Aug 1880  BP OH

III. Sophia L. Bockbrader  B Aug 1883  BP OH

III. Edith C. Bockbrader  B 17 May 1885  BP Wood OH

III. Emma Bockbrader  B May 1890 BP Wood OH

III. Albert  Bockbrader  B17 Aug 1892  BP OH