Vol. 02 No. 05 May 2009

Presidents Letter May 2009

Update. We have our nonprofit charter papers, our conflict of interest policy and have had one reading of our revised By Laws. At the May meeting we will have our second reading of the revised By Laws and vote for or against ratification. Shirly Davis and all have volunteered to help me with the “official” rules for running a meeting. One thing that we have not been doing is reading last months minutes and approving them. Eventually we will get all of this business stuff figured out. Fred Witzler and myself attended a Government Grant information meeting this Tues. at the Lucas County Public Library downtown. What a beautiful facility! Just finding the Grants available appears to be a very tedious, time-consuming adventure. Filling out applications looks like it could be a full time job.

         I am getting behind in my LHS work. The weather has been good and I have been able to get outside and work in my yard. I will apologize ahead of time. If you have loaned  items to be scanned, it might take me a little longer than usual to get them back to you. I did get the Rothenbuhler Book and the “50 years of Community Service Troy Township Volunteer Fire Department, Luckey, OH” scanned and posted on our website. I also have a Luckey slide show almost ready for the Zion Methodist Mother Daughter banquet on May 19th.

         We have had more items donated and available for members to loan.

Dave Derr has donated a family copy of “1888 Historical Collection of Ohio Counties” Vol. II by Henry Howe LL. D.

Shirly Davis has donated “Grace Lutheran Church Is People Who…” and “Grace Lutheran Church Luckey, OH 1964-65 Yearbook and Directory”.

Sue Dippman has donated “50 years of Community Service Troy Township Volunteer Fire Dept., Luckey, OH”

Joanne Colby has donated the following books; “OHIO, The Cross Road of Our Nation Records & Pioneer Families Vol. XLIX No. 3 2008” “Wood county, OH Source Book One from newsletters 1981-1990, Wood Co. Chpt., The OH Genealogical Society, Mar 2000”, “Wood County’s Role in The Civil War Vol. 2 1998, Wood Co. Chpt., The OH Genealogical Society 1998” “Wood County’s Role in The Civil War Vol. 1 1997, Wood Co. Chpt., The OH Genealogical Society 1997” “Pemberville, Ohio 100 years 1976”, “Bradner Centennial 1876 – 1976” “Wood County, Ohio Source Book Four from Newsletters 2001 – 2005, Wood Co. Chpt., The OH Genealogical Society Mar 2008” “Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 48, No. 4, Dec 2008” “Ohio The Cross Road of Our Nation Records & Pioneer Families, Military Pension Files often contain surprises!, Vol. XLIX 2008” and  “Index to Naturalization Records Wood County, Ohio Book one and Book two Wood Co. Chpt., The OH Genealogical Society Jan 1992”.

Betty Blevens has donated a picture postcard of William Schwann and his truck. Remember William Schwann owned the funeral parlor which was located in Dick Otte’s Plumbing establishment This may also be the truck that was used to haul caskets and vaults to the cemetery. Ben Stone’s eye was injured when a vault slipped off the truck. I wonder if this was the truck?

         The old safe now belonging to Dick Otte has W Schwann beautifully scripted in gold lettering above the safe door. Dick Otte has given us permission to use a drawer in the safe to store items for “safe keeping”. Should fire or tornado hit Luckey, there are some things that we should have protected by a safe.

         The sketch of the Zion Lutheran Church is now complete. I believe that the next sketch will be of Grace Lutheran. Grace Lutheran has some beautiful architecture. I just have to figure out what was sitting next to it in the early days. One thing that I am learning in Luckey is that home sweet home wasn’t always stationary. I think Luckey may have been the first area in the U.S. that had mobile homes. I am astonished to learn of the large number of homes that were moved in and around Luckey! Boy I wish that we had pictures of that! Imagine a home moving down the road being drawn by horses, or even early trucks.

Next meeting -Thurs., May 21st at 6:30, Luckey Library                       

Next “Tea” – Thurs., May 28th at 1:30, Luckey Library                       

over and out      



Photo of William Schwann and his company truck, photo property of Betty Blevins. William Schwann and truck